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THQ is the most well known game makers and manufacturer’s world wide. Many new fans buy their games every single day. Some of the games that they have developed may bring recognition. Rock Band, A Bug’s Life, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, Age of Empires, Raw is War and Avatar- The Last Airbender is some of the most recognizable titles for gamers of all ages. Their gaming console THQ Dream Cast has been sold to many people. One reason for their popularity is the animation, graphics and pure playing pleasure for those who love video games.

These games are well constructed and can be used to pass the time, no matter where you may be going. THQ has long been known as gamers advocate and the company always does their best for the gaming community. Many new releases are available each month through THQ. Many look forwards to the new releases and get them for whatever platform it is that they are playing on. They still have to compete with online gaming, but with the quality of games that are available, it is understood why they have such a following.

No matter if you pre-order the games or get them in a retail setting, these games are not super expensive and have a long game play life to them. With the high quality animation, game speed, design, graphics quality and game play THQ is the top game producer for video games worldwide. THQ also sponsors several different online games for kids as well as adults. Many companies try to replicate THQ’s success with varying degrees of success. Producing high quality games is the motto at THQ. Many different playing platforms are available for the games produced by this company.

The man behind the success at THQ is Danny Bilson. One possible change to the company could be coming in the potential disbanding of the New York studio and a merging with the Montreal one. However, they are taking a look at different options available to them to best serve the gaming community. One mark of their success is that in the US, titles have been pre-ordered for THQ games at a whopping 200,000 units. Many video gamers would prefer to play only THQ games for various reasons. Cost, gaming quality, game time and more are some of the things that make a different here.

So if you want quality games, choose only THQ. These games can take you into a world of adventure, drama, different worlds and different time periods. The selection is very large for games of this sort. Some other games would include: Age of Kings, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, Bratz Babyz, Smack Down, Alex Rider: Storm Breaker, Julie Saves The Eagle, Baseball Advance and Beat City. If you are looking for titles, there are many new releases coming out every single month that thrills rabid gamers of all ages. Most are not only available in retail outlets but also online through THQ.

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  1. Apparently what people want are average-rated games with many bugs and the boring stories crafted by Danny Bilson’s team of weak writers, because since Danny Bilson has joined THQ, they have seen their stock price drop from $8 to $2, and all the big game released under his tenure have under 80 metacritic ratings.

    Like any politician, the only “facts” claiming that Bilson is a creative genius came out of Bilson’s own mouth.

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