Motorola PHOTON 4G Interface and Software Review


When the Motorola Photon 4G was unboxed, we said that it will include the SprintID but it was actually stocked with the Android ones. Even with this, the Photon 4G was still very good with the Android system. This may not be like Blur but the widgets and icons are the same as what Motorola had in the past. Motorola has its own style and it is just a matter of preference for some.

There is not a lot of difference with what Motorola has done with the software. The dock features 3 icons, which are all customizable except for the fourth one which is the app drawer. With this, the apps can be grouped and classified as you please. There is also a link for the Market even if the app drawer is open. There are seven home screens which features familiar Motorola widgets and they can be set to a consolidated view if you please, just like in the HTC Sense. There is no customization to the notification drawer as seen in other phones like Samsung and HTC.

Sprint has been trying to lessen bloatware on phones. While this has very little to do with the Photon 4G, most of what is there cannot be uninstalled. Motorola has included some of their apps such as task pad, task manager, and Social Networking app. There is also a 2GB app storage.

Sprint provides the capability to download other ID pack themes that will replace the wall paper, pack specific apps and sounds. This is not a bad product for low level phones for the less tech savvy crowd but we think that the Photon 4G fans will not be installing a lot of Ids.

The Quadrant Standard scores of the Photon 4G are at 2700 which is very good for this phone. However, even if the benchmark points for this phone look good, there is something about it that makes us think that this should run faster than it should. Probably it’s the high expectations from this type of device. The reviewers are quite picky but normal people may not even see the small flaws.

Connectivity and Internet:

The Motorola Photon 4G is bound to be one of the most connected ever made with its 4G data speeds as well as the WiMAX network of Sprint.  It includes Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and GPS too. The browser is very quick which is a great thing considering it is a stock browser. Double tap to zoom is impressive and pinching is very fluid. There are no problems encountered with loading complex pages and due to the Android system, Flash is great in itself. The Photon 4G has the Motorola Webtop dock and is also compatible with the HD dock from Motorola.

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