Top 5 Games You Can Enjoy on PC


Playing games is super fun, especially when you need to get some rest and get your mind off from the daily stress of life. The best thing about playing games on PC is that they are super immersive and most of them are totally free. If you are dedicated enough, you can even participate in tournaments and get monetarily funded as well by winning those tournaments.

Let’s see the different games that you can enjoy on your personal computer.


PubG was one of the most popular games in the past few years. With lots of action and ability to play with multiple players live, this is the game that will keep you immersed for hours. That is the reason why this game went so popular around the world for so long. From theme based parties to multiplayer events, PubG has been the talk of the time for a lot of people.


Developed by Mojang Studios, it is a sandbox game released in 2011. In the game, the players of Mincecraft see a blocky which is a 3D generated world having an infinite terrain. The players may also be able to extract the raw materials, items and craft tools, earthworks, build the structures, and any machines. Following the chosen mode of game, the players may be able to fight the hostile mobs or compete with the other players of the game.

Ace Pokies

If you are into playing online casino games, Ace Pokies might be something of interest for you. Filled with exciting new levels and themes, it is one of the games that is to be played repeatedly with huge thrill and wonder.

Call of Duty

For the lovers of fighter games, this one is a true masterpiece because of its amazing playing themes. It is inspired from the real-events fighting zones, with real equipment and scenes but mixed with a futuristic sense of gameplay. It keeps the players hooked for hours and that is why it is still popular since its release in 2003. No wonder why a range of different series under the name of Call of Duty have been a great success among a variety of audience.


Cyberpunk is one of those sci-fi games you don’t want to miss. If you are a tech-savvy person who likes to spend their free time on the internet on your PC, then better download this game. It walks you through an adventurous theme, where your character is in the fight or flight mode.

Final Words

These are some of the games that you would love to play on your PC if you love gaming. Do check them out and explore the versatile genres these games have to offer to you – each one of these comes with its own variety and uniqueness, which you will absolutely love. If you are looking for some other online casino games in America, you may want to check out this link for the best options available.

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