Top 4 Solar-Powered Gadgets Worth Having In The House


There used to be a time when the only solar powered gadget in any house would be the pocket calculator. Advancements in materials engineering has ensured that it has become a lot cheaper to produce solar panels. As a result, there are a number of gadgets available for around the house, that primarily use solar energy as a power source. Many of these devices are equipped with an option for using more conventional sources of power, but it is very rare that you will ever have to resort to it. Here are the top 4 solar powered gadgets to have around the house, as chosen by technology and home improvement experts.

Wireless Keyboard
Whether you use a Mac or a PC, you cannot deny that a wireless keyboard is a very useful accessory to have. For many people who use their high definition TVs as the monitor, a wireless multimedia keyboard also serves as a remote control for audio and video playback programs. The biggest problem with wireless keyboards has always been the manner in which they quickly run through batteries. Unlike wireless mice, wireless keyboards can’t exactly get the most out of the batteries needed to run them. Solar-powered wireless keyboards charge up whenever left in direct sunlight and the in-built battery stores up enough energy to ensure that the keyboard functions normally for a very long time.

Pool Heater
For any home with a swimming pool, one of the biggest energy expenses stems from the need to heat up the swimming pool. Heating up such a large body of water repeatedly is bound to have drastic consequences on your energy bills. A solar-powered pool heater is one of the best investments you will ever make. The solar panels for the pool heaters do not take up a lot of space and yet they do a very thorough job heating up a swimming pool. The long-term savings on your energy bill means that the heater pays for itself in the long run.

LED Torch
LED technology has revolutionized so many of our gadgets. From display signs to televisions, the use of LEDs has ensured lower energy bills since they use a lot less power. Of course, lower power consumption also means that it LED technology can be integrated with alternative sources of energy. The solar-powered LED flashlight successfully combines both these technologies to provide you with a gadget that proves to be absolutely indispensable. No more shuffling around for batteries in the dark; simply let the torch recharge when the sun’s up and it will always be ready for use in the dark.

Pool Light
Homeowners always try their best to ensure that the swimming pool lights are on at night. Functioning pool lights aren’t just for aesthetic purposes; they are crucial for home safety. However, having the lights on throughout the night, every night, has a substantial effect on your energy consumption. Solar-powered pool lights recharge themselves during the day and save up more than enough power to stay lit throughout the night. You leave the pool lights on all night and it won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

The best part about having solar-powered gadgets at home is that they help you save a lot of money in the long run. The gadgets may be slightly more expensive than their conventional counterparts, but lower energy bills usually mean that they end up paying for themselves in no time.

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