The Top Ten Technology Hotspots Of The World


Wondering where the most tech-savvy places in the world are? Look no further than here…

  1. Silicon Valley (United States). Routinely billed as one of the most influential technology hotspots in the world, Silicon Valley is a consistent contributor to technological innovation, and is a key place for companies to secure necessary funding.
  2. Sweden. A country whose culture is fixated on all things scientific, Sweden is at the forefront of broadband penetration and environmentally-friendly technological solutions.
  3. Switzerland. Switzerland makes the list due to the fact that the country has, among other things, developed the world’s most powerful magnetic resonance imaging scanner at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
  4. London (U.K.). This capital city has a reputation for being a major hub for world banking and media. Cambridge University has been deemed the high tech center of the U.K., and there is a widespread use of smart technology among many London businesses.
  5. Finland. Nokia, the world’s biggest mobile phone company, is based here; the VTT Technical Research Centre is constantly coming up with fascinating new technology; and the country has about 16.5 researchers per 1,000 employees, according to a recent study. Finland is also currently tied with Japan when it comes to science aptitude among high school students.
  6. Singapore. Singapore is home to the annual ICT conference, which is Asia’s biggest Media Business Exchange event. In 2010, over 67,000 visitors attended the conference. The country has also been impressively dedicated to scientific research; in 2003, a 2 million square feet biomedical research center was constructed called Biopolis. Biopolis has been continually recognized for its significant contributions to the field of stem cell research.
  7. China. This global superpower has been leading for quite some time in many technological areas. China is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to renewable energy, supercomputers, and hi-speed railways. The country also has the world’s largest manufacturing sector.
  8. Denmark. The country’s Riso National Laboratory has seen much advancement in solid-oxide fuel cells, polymers, wind energy, and other areas. It has been reported that the Danish citizens get about 20 percent of their electricity from wind energy, and the country is consistently churning out interesting, new technological devices.
  9. Japan. Japan boasts many areas of technological superiority. For instance, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency develops some of the most cutting-edge satellites and spacecraft technology; the country’s robot technology and automobile technology remain top-notch as well. In addition, Japan has been credited with creating world-renowned cylinders that convert sea water into freshwater via filters.
  10. United States. Still considered a prominent power in the field of technology, the United States have produced a record number of entrepreneurs, engineers, financiers, and other technological professionals. For much of the 20th century, the U.S. had the competitive advantage of being the most developed (and not to mention largest) domestic market. While the country has since been eclipsed by China in terms of technological innovation, it still remains a tech superpower in its own right.

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