A Quick Review of the iPhone 3GS


When you look at the Apple iPhone 3G S, you will not see much difference compared to its predecessor iPhone 3G. Everything is quite identical with the two units however the 3G S version is a heavier unit compared to the other, weighing in at 135 g. However much it seems to be like the first unit before it, the Apple iPhone 3G S is still an impressive phone – seamless, smooth and exclusive.

It has a 3.5 inch display with a multi touch input method that has the pinch zoom capability. It is equipped with the Safari browser as well as various applications that can be found in the Apple Store. It has the iOS 3.0 and a full QWERTY keyboard for instant messaging and email composition. Although the 3G S looks very much like its predecessor, it is definitely changed on the inside and Apple has made it quicker and much more functional than ever. They have manufactured it to be two times faster and highly responsive to any user command.

The Apple iPhone 3G S features a 3.0 megapixel camera which is a great improvement from the previous 2.0 megapixel camera from its predecessor. The previous version does not have video recording capabilities and the 3G S models have compensated for that by adding one with an ability take 30 frames per second, albeit without a flash to make images brighter when needed. The great thing about the Apple iPhone 3G S is that it has been transformed into a navigation system through the GPS system and its digital compass app. The screen is large enough in order to make this feature a much more enjoyable experience as well.

Other features that make the Apple iPhone 3G S notable are voice control, 3D graphics accelerator and a much more exciting hardware that makes it perform better than the old version.

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