Believe It, Tech Is About to Transform Your Home


As more and more of the world gets wired, the internet of things is turning the American home into an actual digital version of the Jetson’s—maybe including Rosie, the robotic maid. Perhaps the hardest thing to believe about all these tech advances is that they are not make-believe but actual products that are soon to be readily available.

Homes Are Also Becoming Offices

Before discussing the newest tech devices for the home, it should be noted that lots of homes have melded into offices as well. The 2020 pandemic fostered a great deal of creativity when it came to working from home. Video conferencing was fodder for social media when there were fails involving pets, children and wardrobe malfunctions. Still, there are a lot more tech tools now that make it seem your office is wherever you want it to be. For instance, suppose you would live elsewhere but would like clients to believe you have an office around Las Vegas. You might ask about a specific area code, such as what does 702 cover in Nevada. New tech can give you a number there regardless of where you live.

Believe It, Tech Is About to Transform Your Home

Some of the Coolest New Home Tech Advances

It may be difficult to believe that these are neither fantasies nor toys. These are real and some homes already have them:

  • Your personal network. These days all the smart appliances and related devices cannot only be tied into the internet but made part of the same LAN system. This will enhance security and ensure privacy.
  • Your digital commode. Seriously, on the horizon are electronically monitored and operated toilets. Way beyond thermostatically controlled seats and automatic flushers, commodes can be programmed to monitor your health.
  • Your total home efficiency. With a fully digital home, you can program your appliances as to the amount of power you want them to consume.
  • Your entertainment. This is kind of where it all started and where the online tech has imploded, as all the boxes, wires, antennas and gizmos fade away into total streaming that includes music, TV, movies, news and games.
  • Your robot servant. Rosie is getting programmed for you even now. Elon Musk as well as a German outfit are building prototypes for automated, programmable house helpers who do a lot more than vacuum the floor.

Even as these ground-breaking tech devices become realities, you can be sure that more inventive, convenient and useful smart tools for your home are right around the corner.

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