SEO Benefits Of Having Video On Your Homepage


Back in 2007, Google introduced something called universal search. This changed the way people search and browse the internet in a major way. Previous to this being launched, we would have to dig and search for specific videos. Now, we have the luxury of typing in a few keywords and returning dozens and dozens of results from pdf to video. The top priority of any SEO is to be on Google’s first page. Those first few results are the ones that a person is most likely to click on and as a result, visit that webpage. That’s why video production companies are doing so well.

Video is 53 times more likely to rank higher on search than regular text results. You may be wondering why this is. Google changed its algorithm. In doing so, it placed more importance on quality content versus keyword optimization. Basically, Google is less concerned with your individual optimized pages and far more concerned with your page’s content answering the query presented by the searcher.

SEO Benefits Of Having Video On Your Homepage

80% of videos posted, are informative in nature rather than being just fluff material. The majority of the time, a user will choose a video over a text version when looking for information. Actually seeing the steps to do something, is often much easier than trying to read them and understand.

When it comes to the use of affiliates and other marketing techniques, videos are more likely to make a user click through than a plain text version of the same information. In reality, people so not have as much time to sit and read. They often look for a quicker version or a quicker way to do things. A video allows that. Statistics have shown that the average time spent on a page with plain text is about 8 seconds. A video version, tends to lure people in and keep them there longer. When people visit your page and leave quickly, that gives you a high bounce rate. That rating can have a negative impact on your sites SERP ranking. Not only that, if people are not spending time on your page, they are not buying the product or service that you have to offer.

Having video will also allow you to appeal to your viewers on a much more personal level. Video tends to make things more real to a viewer as opposed to reading plain text. The visualization makes things much more clear and easier to understand.

Videos can also be useful when it comes to teaching a new technique. Many people learn by visualization as opposed to absorbing the meaning through words. Posting videos makes the scenario, product, or lesson much more real and believable to the viewer.

In addition to posting video, you also want to have quality keywords and transcription. Those keywords will help pull more people in who tend to search random words to find information about certain topics. Overall, posting videos make be a bit more time consuming until you become more familiar with it, but the end results are worth the time invested.

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