The Top Health Risks Caused By Air Conditioners


Air Conditioners and the Risks

Air conditioning is associated with countless health issues, particularly among those who have compromised respiratory systems. Throughout the globe, air conditioners give millions of people a reprieve from hot and humid temperatures. In some cases, air conditioner is a matter of survival in harsh and extreme temperatures. However, air cons, while helpful, confer their share of health risks as well. Furthermore, the United States expends more energy on air conditioners than any other country in the world. The most commonly reported health effects associated with air conditioners are listed below.

The Top Health Risks Caused By Air Conditioners

#1 Poor Heat Tolerance

The more you expose yourself to air conditioned environments, the less adaptable you will be to heat. When you transition from a cool environment to a hot one, this subjects your body to temperature related stress. Quite often, heat intolerance is correlated to heat-induced deaths.

#2 Illness and Fatigue

Sadly, people who are overexposed to air conditioned environments experience fatigue and headaches, as well. The cool air has a tendency to compromise your respiratory lining, causing labored breathing in some cases. This puts you at risk for viruses, such as the flu and cold.

#3 Poor Skin Quality

The more time you spend in air conditioned environments, the dryer your skin will be. Dry skin lacks hydration, and eventually, loses its elasticity over time. Skin elasticity is critical for youth and beautiful skin.

#4 Breathing Difficulties

On a sweltering, summer day that supersedes 105 degrees, an air conditioner is absolutely necessary. Of course, air cons are double-edged sword, as the more you use them, the more you compromise your breathing as a result. Air conditioners have a tendency to circulate debris, dust, germs microorganisms, and mold in some cases. When airborne diseases are circulated through your home, this further compromises your respiratory system. Hence, there are dangers associated with air conditioning.

#5 Makes Illness Worse

If you suffer from a chronic illness, then an air conditioner will do very little to alleviate those symptoms. For example, if you suffer from low blood pressure, then an air conditioner will complicate this issue. If you happen to suffer from arthritis,then  your pain symptoms may be exacerbated in cold temperatures as well. Heat is known to decrease inflammation in the joints, whereas, cold temperatures cause severe cramping. Therefore, pain management is exceedingly difficult when it comes to cold weather.

#6 Fungi

Air conditioners may increase moisture and condensation in your living environment. And where there are condensation and moisture, there are spores galore. Fungi, mold, and their counterparts just love to breed in wet and muggy environments.


Realistically, you need a cooling system to cope with high temperatures. Young children, the elderly, and animals are especially susceptible to strokes in torrid temperatures. Luckily, there are measures you can take to mitigate the health risks of air conditioners. Consider cleaning off surfaces, to ensure that germs, microbes and other particles are not circulated throughout your household. Once again, when these particles circulate, they enter your respiratory system. You should also consider adding a humidifier and an air purifier to ensure you are limiting humidity and circulating clean air.

In summary go to a reputable Air conditioning maintenance and service centre.

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