How Technology Has Changed Drive In Movie Screenings


If you were born before 1980 chances are that you’ve probably been to a drive-in movie at least once in your life. Popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s the drive-in was made even more famous by its use as a ‘stage’ for many great movie scenes over the years, including an excellent scene in the movie ‘Twister’ not too many years ago.

The great thing about the drive-in, if you can find one today, is that it allowed you to stay in your nice, comfy car as you watched the movie, giving people ample opportunity to ‘make-out’, especially horny teenagers. Sure the sound was crappy and sometimes the screens weren’t exactly the best but the drive-in was still a lot of fun and a great place to ‘hang-out’ if you happened to have one in your town.

Today the drive-in movie theatres of old are mostly gone, done-in by technology that made the move to indoor theatres inevitable. The sound and picture are just so much clearer that seeing the movie in a drive-in was seen by many as being a waste of money.

English: The screen of the Sundown Drive-In Th...

The screen of the Sundown Drive-In Theatre

That attitude is changing however as even newer tech has come along today that is giving the old drive-in another shot at life. Huge, inflatable screens, high-quality video projectors that can be used almost anywhere on any surface and sound systems that are powerful but portable are making it more fun to go and see a movie again outside.

A lot of communities are now starting to have ‘drive-in nights’ where the people who live there are invited to come with their car to a location where a large, portable screen is set-up. We’re talking about 46 foot led screens from companies like Sky Fly here too, which is really quite big. Many are having drive-in movies without the car but with lawn chairs and blankets only, which saves people on gas.

Again the reason is that the new technology has made setting up and taking down a ‘drive-in’ much easier and the projectors, screens and sound systems make the experience much more pleasurable. Of course being able to make-out is still available too (as long as Mom and Dad aren’t there watching with you of course).

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