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Businesses today have the opportunity of entering in to a new phase of marketing that did exist 18 months to 2 years ago. The business use of mobile marketing has come of age, and the businesses that do not take advantage of it will be losing customers to competitors who are able to learn how to take advantage of this new opportunity.

For example, we know that there is a certain percentage of people who use their smart phones for nearly all of their communication needs. The have their phones with them at all times, and make it their focal point. They use the phone for their email, their primary phone, their texting device and their source for Internet accessibility is all wrapped up in their phone.

Imagine for the sake of our example that you own a luncheon deli, and for the past several years your business has become successful, and sustained that level of success by your hard work in presenting a quality product. You have heard of mobile marketing, but have not had too much time to look into it. The impact of the business use of mobile marketing is here right now.

You may not be aware, but you are probably already listed on Google places by default. Google has taken businesses in an area and conveniently listed them automatically, but in no particular order. So if you are in a fairly densely populated area, when a person searches for “deli restaurants in south Toledo” your restaurant will probably show up on the list, but probably not on the first page. All you have to do is verify your google plus account, fill in the information as completely as possible, get some reviews, and it is possible to be number one on the list. So if you are number one, who do you think customers will visit for lunch? You are right, it will be you.

mobile marketing

This is the number one way that new customers will find you. They will be in an area, and discovering that it will soon be time for lunch, they will pull out their smart phone, and Google their search for deli restaurants, and the search engine will give them an immediate list of delis in their immediate area, based upon their geographic location. Your job is to show up at the top of the list as much as possible.

The use of video is a powerful method of getting the attention of potential customers. First of all, it is incredibly easy to rank well when a video is being used. Secondly, when a customer sees a video of your delicious deli sandwiches, it is almost like being there, and while their mouth is watering, they are on their way to your shop.

Believe it or not, this is still a field that is in its infancy. There is plenty of room for any business to still get a jump-start in getting their business out in front of the competition. Most business are still clueless about how to rank to get the attention of a buying public who is looking for exact searches on what they want.

Think of the owner of a tow truck company, who derives most of his cash flow from towing. Do you think that he would like to be the first tow company called when there is a breakdown on the nearby highway? How many travelers do you think will use their smart phones to search for “towing St. Louis” when they break down when traveling through St. Louis? I think you get the picture.

With a well-optimized, sustainable strategy for making your business visible to people who are looking for your exact service, you are able to tap into a gold mine of new customers that never existed for you before. This produces the best of the best of customers because once they find you on their smart phone; they are going to call you and no one else. This is the best and least expensive advertising that you will ever see, and it is available right now.

You can really set a lot of this up yourself, but you will be better served to hire it done by someone who is already doing this for businesses. You will want to see references from other businesses who are finding success already, and you will want some free leads so you can see how it works with your product. In this way the business use of mobile marketing will be effective for you.

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