What are the Requirements for Prince2 Certification?


A well-known project management practice that is extensively used in Europe, the UK, and other major countries of the world is PRINCE2. Abbreviation of PRojects IN Controlled Environments, PRINCE2 is an outstanding practice widely used in various private sectors worldwide. That is why PRINCE2 certification brings immense value to the candidates and organization. If you are looking to obtain a Prince2 certification, then you have to understand what is Prince2 and the requirements to master the certification. So, in this article, we will eloquently explain to you what it takes to earn this certification.

By the way, what is Prince2 certification?

As defined earlier, PRINCE2 is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments which has become a comprehensive project management certification across the globe. It’s the registered trademark of AXELO Limited and the most desired certification for the government projects in the UK.

The Prince2, boats of a stringent project management process. Though it is extensively used in the projects of the UK government, numerous private and public sectors have also adopted this approach. Plus, Prince2 perfectly suits for projects of both small and large businesses. As Prince2 possess a whippy and versatile standard.

How did Prince2 Start?

Office of Government Commerce (OGC) which was once the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) started Prince2 in the year 1989.

Prince is initially based on PROMPT which is a project management method created by Simpact Systems Ltd in 1975, which they passed on to CCTA in 1979 for all the projects of the UK government. With the efforts of about 150 organizations in Europe, Prince2 was published in 1996.

Anatomy of Prince2

Before we delve deep into the Prince2, let’s understand what it offers:

Prince2 is developed upon seven principle processes, themes, and project environment. The Prince method, irrespective of size and scale of the projects or organization, helps in managing the projects without any hassle.

How to get Prince2 certification?

Prince2 has various certification levels, and this only applies to the people who manage projects. As we understand about the Prince2 certification requirements, let us define who can go for Prince2.

Who can opt for Prince2?

Prince2 is very much useful to the candidates who work in the projects of design, development, and delivery. Also, if you wish to become a project manager or already a one, then Prince2 is definitely for you. Even, Prince2 practitioner should know, if you are in any of the following roles and pursuing Prince2 certification:

  • Group Member of Project Assurance
  • Project board member such as Senior Manager
  • Product Delivery Manager
  • Project Management Office or Project Office Personnel

Prince2 certification has two levels – Prince2 Foundation and Prince2 Practitioner, and you need to pass both of them to be a certified Prince2 Practitioner.

When you opt for Prince2, you get access to the following:

  • A Scheme for earning a certificate in the Prince2 Foundation or Practitioner level.
  • The Prince2 Manual – It is a 2017 Edition manual that helps you manage projects successfully.
  • A subscription facility for Prince2

Here are some details about the two types of Prince2 certifications:

Prince2 Foundation

You may wonder, what is a Prince2 foundation? What are the requirements for Prince2 foundation level? And what will you learn at this level? Well, Prince2 foundation is a first or introductory course where you master the following traits:

  • Learn the fundamental terminology and methodology of Prince2
  • Get in-depth knowledge on the methods to effectively work on the projects using the Prince2 method

Suppose you are a member in a project, or product manager, or a team lead, or someone who wish to know the basics of the structured project management methodology, then you kickstart understanding it with Prince2 Foundation level certification. When you complete this level, you have enough knowledge of the key terms and phrases of Prince2, and you are qualified to be a team member.

Requirements for the Prince2 certification foundation level are:

  • There are no particular pre-conditions for attaining a foundation level certification
  • However, under Prince2 certification requirements, it is good to have introductory knowledge on project management, though it’s not mandatory.

Prince2 Practitioner

If you are an analyst, senior manager, or a product manager, then you should aim for procuring Prince2 practitioner level certification. So, what are the additional skills that are present in the Prince2 practitioner level?

  • It allows personalizing principles to match your project needs
  • Also, as a practitioner, you are qualified to manage a team using the Prince2 method

Requirements for Prince2 practitioner level certification are:

The pre-requisite for practitioner level certification expects passing one of the following –

  • Prince2 Foundation level
  • CAPM – Certified Associate I Project Management or PMP – Project Management Professional
  • IMPA Level A (Certified Projects Director)
  • IMPA Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IMPA Level C (Certified Project Manager)
  • IMPA Level D (Certified Project Management Associate)

Note: Only current certifications will certify as a prerequisite.

Prince2 Foundation Level Examination

The Prince2 exam pattern for foundation level is as follows:

  • Duration of Exam: 1 Hour
  • Total questions: 75 (5 trial questions)
  • Question types: Multiple choice questions
  • Pass percentage: 50 (You should correctly answer 35 questions out of 70, as 5 are trial questions)
  • No penalty for incorrect answers

Prince2 Practitioner Level Examination

Here are the pre-requisites for Prince2 practitioner:

  • Type of exam: Open book exam (Only Prince2 official manual)
  • Duration of Exam: 2.5 hours
  • Number of questions: 8 – 10 items per question carrying one mark each
  • Type of questions: Multiple choices
  • Pass percentage: 55 (44 out of 80 questions should be correct)

Benefits of acquiring Prince2 certification

  • Professional Recognition

Prince2 certification is a high-level certificate that fetches you peer and professional recognition in the society

  • Steep Hike in the Salary

The Prince2 certification is a most sought after qualification in the private and public sectors so that it will bring you a considerable salary package as a certified project manager

  • Career Growth

The Prince2 certification, be it the foundation or practitioner, take you to higher levels in the career. If you are qualifications cope with the Prince2 certification requirements, then you should consider taking Prince2 examination

  • The Best Practice

The Prince2 teaches you the best methods of managing projects which you can apply in your projects or plans to manage them successfully in your business. That makes you become a remarkable asset to the organization, thereby enhancing your value in it.

To conclude,

The requirements of Prince2 certification provides you with explicit knowledge of what you should do to become a certified Ptince2 practitioner. Though training is not a part of the certification requirement, we still suggest you get training on Prince2 to clear the exam efficiently. Hence, you should choose the best training provider to fetch you the Prince2 certification.

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