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Social Media Websites and Link Baits


Social Media Websites and Link Baits

The main dilemma with local internet marketing is getting more people to visit a certain website in a constant basis. If you ask this to someone who specializes in local internet marketing, chances are that they will give you two important terms – SEO and SEM.

However, getting more traffic to your website is not as easy as weaving keywords and certain phrases together to come up with some incomprehensible article which will only give a mild headache to any person who reads it. But when SEO and SEM are joined together with the help of great content, then local business owners will have such an effective tool at their disposal.

Link bait is the term that professionals give to content which is exactly what searchers are looking for or newsworthy content which is so helpful that readers cannot help but spread the word about it. Link baiting is quite simple. For instance, you’re a dentist who specializes in veneers and a manufacturer has just come up with a new kind of veneer with a description along with it. You, as an entrepreneur, must take advantage of the publicity that such new product will naturally generate. By doing so, you can expect people who gets hooked by the buzz surrounding that new product to also visit your website. “Taking advantage” means promoting the said product on your business’ Twitter and Facebook accounts as well other social media venues.

If linking to other websites that have great content is not your style, it is also possible for businesses to create their own content and publish it on their websites or blogs. This content can be about promoting a new product, any breaking news or some well-attended industry event. If you are able to successfully pull off link baiting, traffic to any site can increase up to ten times.

It’s not just written content that can be considered as link bait. Photos and videos can also be considered newsworthy content. Businesses can then start publicizing this link bait through social media to get customers’ attention. After the word is out about your awesome picture from some event last night or new product description, businesses that are similar to yours are next to pick up the buzz they will begin to send traffic to your site. As more businesses and visitors pick up your link bait, the more links you are bound to receive and traffic that goes along with it.

About the Author: Elliot Pearson Writes as a specialist for Dentist Identity who provides Dental Marketing and Dental Practice SEO

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