The Role Of Float Switches In Waterproofing


In a vast range of different industries, liquid level sensing is a very important aspect of measurement. Radiators, oil reservoirs, anti freeze devices are among the vast range of products that need liquid level switches in order to work. They come in a large number of different shapes and sizes and requirements of the individual project will determine which sensor or switch you will need.

Where You’ll Find Float Switches
A float switch is an ingenious device which among many other uses, stops peoples homes and especially basements from becoming flooded with unwanted rain and other waste water by taking it after it rises to an unsafe level and expelling it out to a more appropriate location such as a community storm drain, well or other drainage facility that applicably correct in your local area.

Many fluid switches can be custom built to your specifications, with considerations such as being fully submersible in aggressive liquids, suitability for use in pressurised tanks and sensor length requirements taken into account.

Mercury switches are yet another switch type along with float switches that are used in a variety of liquid level sensing. There are manufacturing companies that specialise in these types of liquid level sensors and they can advise on exactly which product will be most suitable for the needs of your specific task.

Waterproofing & Damp Protection
Water proofing your homes basement or cellar room is an important consideration and a float switch can be used for this purpose. These types of things should be thoroughly looked at and considered before you buy a house to see how much water damage has already been done to a property via basement flooding and damp. There are a number of methods that people use to keep these areas of their homes clean from rot, mould, flooding and general water damage.

These include the use of under ground and over ground sump pumps, using layers of damp proofing materials on both the inside and outside of the building and insulating the floor correctly. All of this can be done or advised by experts and depending on what you wish to use the space for, they can advise on how much work will need to be carried out in order to achieve your desired effect and use from the space.

Call The Experts
There are companies available who specialise, not only in damp proofing and anti-flood systems for your basement, they will completely renovate your under ground room so that it can be turned into additional living space e.g. an office area, games room, a mini gym or extra bathroom. These companies will come and evaluate the damage that water has already done and fix the potential problems that would occur in the future as there are a myriad of tools and equipment available, it is down to matching the individual tool to the individual problem. This can be done easily and mainly fuss free by experts in the field who will give you an estimate and quote how much it will cost for your desired finished basement room.

This post was contributed by Sean Dominey of Tav Engineering. Tav produce fluid and float switches for a range of purposes. To read more, you can visit the website here:

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