HP Mini 5102 – Ideal for Businessmen and Students


HP’s Mini 5102 is often mistake as the Mini 5101. With the same keyboard, aluminum-magnesium frame, vivid 10.1-inch screen, and professional design, Mini 5102 is an upgrade from the old one. It is ideal in the education and corporate world.
HP Mini 5102 – Ideal for Businessmen and Students

Mini 5102 come with a handle for trouble-free transport.

The netbook shows a sophisticated black closure of anodized aluminum-magnesium combination stand, the unit is weighing only 2.6 pounds. For a more comfortable approach, an optional blue or red handle is available so that you can easily bring it along.

HP Mini 5102 – Ideal for Businessmen and Students

The design is professional yet simple.

Looking at it, its 10.1 inch screen displays beautiful and clear pictures. With a 1,024×600 screen resolution, it produces outstanding images, but you also configure up to a 1,366×768. Its audio output is quite unsatisfactory, as seen in most netbooks, but the highest volume is shockingly loud.

An integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics card is not appropriate for intensive gaming. It can only accommodate simple games.

HP Mini 5102 – Ideal for Businessmen and Students

The battery is hidden underneath the netbook while a 6-cell battery will cause a slight rising of the keyboard.

Considering its battery life, the Mini 5102’s 4-cell battery lasts only for 3 hours and 20 minutes while an optional 6-cell battery can last to as long as 8 hours. The battery cell is located at the bottom of the netbook.

HP Mini 5102 – Ideal for Businessmen and Students

The keyboard looks nice and there is no hassle during use.

A full size keyboard makes typing easier and comfortable. The big, cubed, Chiclet-style keys are spill resistant and a petite touch pad is found at the bottom.

The unit is powered by 7,200 rpm 160GB HD while an optional 250GB/320GB 7,200 rpm or 80GB/128GB solid state drives are offered options for an extra charge.

HP Mini 5102 – Ideal for Businessmen and Students

2 USB ports and a VGA connector are located at the left portion of the body.

With its tiny framework, the netbook offers plenty of ports and modem connectors suited for your needs. It has 3 USB 2.0 ports, VGA and Gigabit Ethernet jacks, a headphone/microphone connectors, an SD/Multimedia Card slot. It is also pre-installed with WLAN and Bluetooth 2.1.

HP Mini 5102 – Ideal for Businessmen and Students

At the right are the Gigabit Ethernet port and a USB port.

Upon purchase of the HP Mini 5102, you will get Windows 7 Starter and Corel Home Office Guide ($69 extra). For more security support, it also comes with the HP ProtecTools security manager which utilizes the 2-mp Webcam to distinguish the owner and involuntarily register you to the computer.

With the many advantages featured in this netbook, indeed, it is a friendly and ideal companion for both the businessmen and students alike.

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