The Gateway NV5933u – Advantages and Disadvantages of the Gateway


The Gateway NV5933u – Advantages and Disadvantages of the Gateway

In the wide spread of technology today, notebooks with 15-inch screens costs higher. But with the arrival of the Gateway, notebooks are now affordable. They are cheap but they have an excellent performance.

The Gateway NV9533u has an outstanding performance choice for a low cost notebook produced by the Gateway. In every product launched comes with an advantages and disadvantages. Now, let us talk about the pros and cons of this notebook.


  • Cheaper than other notebooks

–       Most notebooks today are in the high cost category. But with this model it’s cheaper and the performance is outstanding, just like other notebooks.

  • 2.13GHz Corei3-330M Processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 64-bit of Windows 7

–       Considering the cost of the notebook, it delivers a superb test score. It performs better  than the pricey ones.

  • Style and Design

–       The lid design makes this model more expensive than the price suggested. The pattern helps façade the dust and scratches that the glossy plastic attracts.

  • Has a 15.6-inch screen

–       A large wide-screen display features 1,300 x 768 pixels resolution, allowing for 720p video playback.


  • Size and weight

–       It is a little bit heavy to put in the shoulder bag and It is a little bit bulky also

  • Gaming graphics

–        This model has a hard time supporting high graphic games and it could not load the Direct X 10 version when tested.

  • Battery

–       Other units with the same specs and size, averages 2hrs and 20 min. while the NV5933u only lasted for 1 hour and 36 minutes.

For  laptop lovers who are not  major gamers or users of high quality graphics, this model is a choice for you. Light duties like video streaming, twitting, logging in to facebook are applicable to this, but if you play new heavily graphic games or edit videos or photos that require higher graphics, this computer will lag.

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