Review: EVO 4G from HTC


EVO 4G from HTC

The phone has a huge screen measuring 4.3 inches. It is equipped with a kickstand, a wonderful camera and is priced $199. Even though it has really awesome features and performance, it all dies out with its battery life which is terribly small.


After looking at its awesome screen I am not able to look at other ordinary mobile phones. With such a huge display it offers a sharp and clear picture. The screen size is not too big for mobile service. It can tolerate sunlight and is great when viewed from any angle. EVO 4G responses instantly with its touch screen and not a single element in this display is worth complaining about.

Appearance and size

Normally the screen size is 3.5 inches for mobile phones but with its large sized touch screen EVO 4G became the forerunner of other phones. In spite of its bigger sized screen the device is easy for carrying. It fits into your pocket comfortably


Even with its light weight and thinly appearance it looks solid and strong. It looks clearly like a modern form of iPhone with all its features. There is a lock key at the top and a couple of buttons on the right. Only these two are the available buttons in this model. The other operational keys are sensitive to touch and mounted well on the board.

At the rear side there is a camera which protrudes a bit. If you keep the phone on the table, then its metal case would be touching the camera and hence it bothered me about the safety of the camera.

The stand with this model is also strong enough for supporting the device. The stand is well built with the phone instead of being a separate fitting. But the back side of the panel is made of plastic which is not durable. Also it looks it is not expensive hence can be replaced at cheap cost.


The in built camera accounts for its popularity and it takes wonderful pictures. The camera is able to shot with accurate auto focus and great lighting with the LED flash light. It also takes picture rapidly.


Many users prefer for Android and very shortly EVO 4G will be launched with latest Android. HTC is preparing for it and already it has started updating Android for similar mobile phones. It is normal for anyone who buys a new mobile to start downloading latest apps for creating a good look on the phone. You need not worry about installing any applications to present the phone with a complete look.

This phone gives internet support wirelessly and if you wish it also provides access through USB port. The mobile is built in with some third party applications which often hit the screen. Interesting games are also included in the mobile to keep you entertained.


Its battery dies out shortly and it is the only drawback of this great EVO 4G phone. It is really disappointing to note that with remarkable features and a great camera this phone does not support good battery. It works only for very short duration of less than 9 hours. So, always keep charging or think of buying an instant charger for this mobile.


Its short-lived battery overrules all other good elements of this device. I would recommend buying this phone if you promise to use it cautiously.

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