A Bright Future for Solar Powered Gadgets


Solar energy has the ability to transform not only global energy consumption patterns but also the day-to-day life of energy consumers.  In recent years many companies have jumped on the solar energy trend by producing solar-powered gadgets for environmentally minded trendsetters. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular solar powered gadgets and see how solar power can impact your lifestyle in small yet measureable ways.

SolarFocus Solar Kindle

Never worry about charging your Kindle in the traditional way again with this solar-powered Kindle charger. This device serves as both a charger and a cover, with a solar panel inside the cover’s casing for optimum charging.  A micro USB is used to connect to your Kindle, and the power reserve is used to run LED lights to read in the dark. With this device you can charge your Kindle during the day and read well into the night without losing power or light.

ASolar Solar iPad Charger

For Apple aficionados, this iPad charger can help you juice up your device when there isn’t a plug in sight. This solar device charges with USB and solar energy using an 6000mAh internal battery to store energy that will be ready to charge your iPad or iPhone at a time of your choosing. The front of the docking station has an LED status indicator that lets you see how much energy is stored. At only 210 grams, this portable charger will ensure that you are never out of contact when on the go.

Sun Table

The Sun Table, created by designers Devang Shah and Mike Low in NYC, is an outdoor table with a solar panel covering its entire surface. The table contains a built in battery that charges fully after just four hours of sun exposure. Once charged, this table can be used to charge laptops, mobiles, and radios by plugging them in to the table’s socket. Made of stainless steel, fiberglass and solar cells this table stores up to 13 amp hours at 12 volts, or 156 watts/hour. Designed as an outdoor table, the Sun Table is fully weatherproof and the solar panel will be functional for up to 25 years. Charge your device by removing the waterproof cap from the table’s electrical socket.

Solar-Powered cars

Many have heard of solar panels for home use that can save homeowners significant sums on their energy bills, but fewer people are aware of perhaps the most enviable solar gadget of all—a fully solar-powered car. Appearing to be more like a spaceship than a classic automobile, these vehicles are not yet used for everyday transportation. These futuristic vehicles are, however, often used for solar car races that have been taking place since the 1980s. Though cars powered solely by solar panels are still unavailable, hybrid vehicles often employ solar power in addition to electricity, battery and wind power.

These products are important because they educate people about issues of energy consumption while bringing solar-powered products into the mainstream. By making solar energy trendy and desirable it is much more likely to have a far-reaching impact than if it remains hidden away at the fringes. With the popularity of these products on the rise, solar gadgets will continue to be a unique alternative to traditional devices.

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