How to Choose the Right iPad for You


The world of technology is constantly changing so finding the right device can be a big challenge.

There are many websites where you can both buy and sell iPad tablets and quite possibly earn yourself enough money to put towards a new model. Many consumers feel that they need to have the most fashionable electronic accoutrements in order to put their best foot forward and therefore constantly want to upgrade their phones, gadgets and iPads.

iPad origins

The world was first introduced to the iPad in April 2010 and since its inception this invaluable piece of kit has become immensely popular. For example, Apple announced that the 100 millionth iPad had been sold in October 2012 and the popularity of the product continues to rise.

The other major computer companies obviously aren’t content to let Apple enjoy all the kudos. Goggle’s ‘Nexus 7’ tablet is growing in popularity and had sold 1 million products in the first three months following its launch in June 2012 and Amazon’s ‘Kindle Fire ‘which entered the US market in 2011 is proving enduringly popular. Some of this acclaim may be down to pricing, iPads are more expensive in comparison with some other tablets on the market but their excellence in performance makes this price tag worthwhile.

iPad origins

New iPads

The iPad 4 was introduced in October 2012 but rumours abound in the technology industry of an upgraded model which will include a 128GB memory and may carry the branding of ‘Ultimate’. One of the main benefits of the iPad 4 is its rather miraculous retina display.

This feature increases the screen resolution and the quality is said to be as good as an HDTV. The geek’s bible, PC World, in a recent article about the product said:

“The iPad includes Siri technology that lets you get things done simply by asking your iPad. This clever software can understand what you are asking and provide the right answer using the appropriate apps.”

Right iPad for You

Apple also unveiled the iPad mini in October 2012. This astonishingly small device is half the size of the iPad 4 and weighs in at a mere 0.3 kilograms. Announcing the new Apple creation, Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller said:

“Others have tried to make tablets smaller that the iPad and they have failed miserably.”

Microsoft has also entered the battle between the tablets with its new ‘Surface Pro’ device that sold out of the shops within weeks of being launched in February this year. This handsome model has 128GB memory but unlike the new Apple ‘mini iPad 4’ the Surface pro weighs a hefty 2lbs, whereas the new Apple mini tablet is a mere 0.68 lbs; although the standard iPad 4 comes in at 1.44 lbs.

In the end, it’s all a matter of choice. Both Microsoft and Apple have their fans and which device you consider best may not be the same as someone else’s favourite.

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