3 Great Training Opportunities for Technology Managers


Technology is a fast-paced field in which people need to keep up with their skills through continuously taking classes and going to seminars in order to stay up to date. This is especially true for people who work as technology managers in their organization since they are the ones that everyone else in the business looks up to.

Here are some great training opportunities for technology managers:

Technology Management Training Group
Technology Management Training Group, Incorporated, otherwise known as the TMT Group, is a great organization that provides several types of training opportunities in the world of new and innovative technology markets. It was created in 2004 and has its headquarters located in Huntsville, Alabama.

TMT Group provides training in areas such as information technology and management support. These can be arranged for an individual or a group for your organization’s convenience to provide solutions to your group’s needs. Some of their customers have included both the federal government and Department of Defense patrons.

Collaboration Technology in Environmental Conflict Resolution
The Collaboration Technology in Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR) class concentrates on increasing the tools or ECR by teaching the proper usage of environmental conflict by using modern technology and how this can be improved upon. It is a hands-on course, which makes it more personal and useful for the students.

The course will help give students a chance to experience a wide range of technologies such as online polling, geospatial mapping, the generation of ideas, as well as group prioritization and analysis and decision support. It will do this through a series of exercises that will ask the students to select and apply the right tools to accomplish the goals of the various realistic scenarios that will be presented.

The training course is given by the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and information on when the next course is can be found here.

International Mentoring Opportunities in Federal Technology Transfer
The NIH Office of Technology Transfer offers several training and mentoring opportunities for managers in technology and other areas. It is meant to help them to combine their current skills and background with the information available in the technology transfer field.

Participants will get to work with the staff at the OTT and get hands-on mentoring in tasks assigned to them. Some of these tasks will be in the topics of technology marketing, technology transfer, technology assessment, and the monitoring of technology development.

To apply you must have a Bachelor’s of Science degree or better and must be employed in some sort of health, science or technology organization or school. Interested parties can submit a CV or resume to the NIH Office of Technology Transfer along with a financial statement for support during the course. They can be contacted by calling 301-435-5561 or faxing 301-402-0220 or sending an email to [email protected].

Information Technology Project Management
This special course for managers in technology is geared for those who want to master the skills that are needed in order to become a top information technology manager.

The class teaches managers how to optimize and develop their IT resources and delivery in order to make your technology projects more effective. The class can be taken onsite or offsite.

All and all these are just a few of the training opportunities open to managers and others in the field of technology. If you want to stay up to date in your skills and experience, then taking any or all of these will help you to stay on top in your technology niche.


Training Opportunity: Collaboration Technology in Environmental Conflict Resolution

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