Apple iphone 4


Apple iphone 4

We do not see any other phone create such an effect in the market as apple iphone 4.  Video calling ability, good display and many applications made the set quite famous and it really rocked the charts. If we talk about display the smart phone has best and sharpest. Featuring 960 by 640 P. previous apples smart phone cannot be compared with it. The phone comes with so much resolution that the user is unable to see the pixels. Display was made at 78 µm wide. Because pixels were small so company packed more in 3.5 inch. As a result the image is crisper and we do not observe any edges.

The vigorous body makes the set look like indestructible. The apparatus is small and weigh almost 137 gram. It is surprising to know that the display is made using materials utilized in helicopter. So if you drop the set don’t get worry it is made for dropping. Iphones is always thought to have good multimedia. Experiment with this set has proved and hence given a leap forward. Two cameras have been installed in the set and with LED. The rear camera is 5.0 Megapixel and has 5 x zoom. The high quality camera is best for pictures and making high definition videos. Geeks know very well that images and videos taken from HD camera gives finest result available.

Having all the fancy applications the phone still gives its user the basic function like: call waiting, holding calls and id of caller. But one great thing the cell is armed with video calling so if you want to call and see the person. Now you can do it thanks to iphone 4. It just needs a tap and there you go. See the person if he is making call from Japan. The technology is known as face time and is rare for smart phone. Wait the phone has more surprises to unravel. Battery life time is 7 hours and it is a lot if you know smart phones. The multitasking of the set is impressive as we see with all iphones. The user can perform 3rd party applications. Switching between applications is very easy. For example you can run GPS while doing different works. It is only possible by having an operating system of iOS 4. Set is simple to use no complex system and yet it does things so well. Iphone 4 hosts 1000s applications.

So how can we summarize the new iphone well it is small for a set. Comes in good color, has OS 4 so there is lot to do here. User can run many applications uninterrupted. The set will not hang nor create problems. Capturing photos will be fun. Then zooming to see details will latterly shock you.  Video calling is the technology that is not included in any smart phone. This gives the set an edge over all other phones. The battery is also not short and can last 1 day at single charge. Usually the battery life depends upon the user. So if you don’t have iphone, you don’t have iphone.

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