How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel


With mobile phones now being able to access the internet with ease at a rate faster than ever, it has changed how people make their travel arrangements. From mobile apps to the internet, more people are booking their travel while on the move. Reports have shown that two thirds of all travellers will use their mobile phone to explore opportunities, shop around for travel prices or book their hotel accommodation. Seventeen per cent used their mobile phones to research a trip, twelve per cent downloaded a travel app and three per cent booked their trip using a mobile device and this is expected to increase dramatically in the next few years. Reports also showed that the UK has the highest online bookings at forty seven per cent, followed by the USA at forty per cent, India at twenty five per cent, Brazil at twenty per cent and China at eighteen per cent. It proves how technology is changing the way that we manage our daily routines from shopping for groceries to arranging the family summer vacation.

How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel

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