Infographics in PowerPoint Presentation: To Use or Not to Use


When you hear the word “infographic,” you immediately think it’s unlikely to be “PowerPoint.” Most people are unaware that you can make great infographics with PowerPoint. The tool is very incredible to use a comes with fully customizable options and doesn’t have any expenses. It a must have a program for most people. With this tool, there is no need to learn or get Photoshop. You won’t even subscribe to any infographic creating software options that then to come with a hefty price tag.

Infographics are a visual representation of information and data in PowerPoint. The too, help break down information and data that would otherwise be difficult to comprehend. They are mainly used in marketing and turn out to be very useful as most customers remember what they saw more than what they read. Consider using them in PowerPoint as its benefits cannot be underestimated.

So, why are using infographics in PowerPoint presentation?

Infographics Are Attractive

Infographics are beautiful and attract the audience very useful. The tool primarily uses visual displays, for that reason they’re very compelling to look at. Their text, color, and images combined make excellent infographics which instantly appeal to PowerPoint presentation audience.

Infographics Are Easily Scan-Able

Most internet users tend to scan and skim through the content they need. User brain only accommodates too much after all. Presentation content using infographics makes it easy to pass through thus users spend less time, and they are satisfied with the information they get. Visual makeup to 90% of what people can absorb in their brains, don’t ignore infographics on your PowerPoint presentation. No brain can afford to ignore PowerPoint presentation infographics. The visual presentation takes advantage of the optic nerves of the targeted user and audience; you can make excellent marketing content more memorable to your readers.

Infographics Are Easily Shareable

Internet audience is always looking to read the colossal block of data within a short time. If they are, time-limited they tend to skim on the best-presented websites where it easy to get what they want. Using infographics as a visual presentation can attract a lot of such readers. Presenting it using an infographic tends to be easy to share. There is also a huge possibility of your presentation becoming viral, leading to enhanced brand visibility.

Infographics Increase Traffic

Did you know infographics used in PowerPoint presentation are very portable? With a unique embed code when publishing your infographics, it possible to generate an automatic link that links to your websites after your work is shared. High website traffic translates to more leads and increased sales.

Infographics Can Enhance Your Brand Awareness

Human is visual creatures and hence is more likely to be attracted to the visual presentation of data. Using infographics is, therefore, enhancing readability an increase your PowerPoint presentation reputation.

In PowerPoint presentation insert your brand logo for identification and it will be seen along with the information you present to your audience.

Infographics Are Searchable

A growing number of users prefer searching for the infographic regarding the topic in which they’re interested in. Currently, search engines priorities them when churning out results. Using infographic in your powerpoint presentation, your content is more likely to appear ranked at the top of search engines. This will help raise your profile and reputation online.

Infographics Show Your Expertise

Infographics are easier to create on PowerPoint presentation then anyone would make them. As a student when you use the infographic on your presentation, you seem an expert. The audience will consider you a trustworthy source and your information will earn more point as you raise your profile.

Disadvantages of Infographics

There are so many benefits of using infographics in PowerPoint presentation for the student. Below is a potential reason why not to use an infographic for PowerPoint presentation especially when the student uses them inappropriately.


A good infographic on PPT needs a lot of time to prepare. The student has to design the graphic, design, and layout. You’ve to input a lot of energy inside of juts searching graphics and finishing it in seconds.

Easy to Over Budget

If the student lacks the know how to prepare the infographics for PowerPoint presentation, they have to pay for the service especially if they’re looking for an exquisite design. There are experienced freelance designers online who can help you create a good PPT with infographics.

Hard to Express Clearly

When you use the infographic, there is not enough room for paragraphs o information. It very hard to rapid things clearly.

Infographic Not Very SEO-Friendly

To rank your content, the search engine must check SEO friendliness of the PPT. It hard for search engines to identify infographics in general if they are not indexed.

The first main reason why the student should include an infographic in their PowerPoint presentation is that they are inundated with them. They provide access to big data, and they are currently a trendy way to display information. That elaborated, they should be critically analyzed as text, as the student does with other rhetorical exchange. Before including infographic in your PowerPoint presentation consider finding examples in the study topic and investigates them to make sure you understand what you are doing. The student who sues an infographic as an alternative way to communicate their idea to a broader audience tends to be smart.

Of course, infographics take a lot of time – to make up them. And, this is the key issue why students omit them in presentations. But, there are some professional 24/7 writing services like who can help you with this stuff. Hire a professional writer who will compose an academic presentation for you, mention that you need an infographic, and get all the things done for you at a reasonable price. These guys make students’ lives better!

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