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If you’re thinking of designing and building your own pad – or you’re looking to move somewhere more adventurous than the average two up two down – then you’re probably quite keen to own somewhere distinctive. In the age-old battle to be different, the quest for individuality has even made its way into the housing market and there are ever more adventurous designs appearing in locations across the world. Whilst this is an admirably pioneering approach, there are some people who just go a bit too far in trying to make their homes unique. Check out some of these ideas for 10 crazy house designs.

1. Gravity defying houses.

With modern technology providing more and more ways to produce house designs that apparently defy the laws of nature, the result has been some pretty fantastical constructions that don’t look like they should be standing at all. From apartments that apparently hang off the side of a building, to bunkers that seem to levitate in the air, gravity defying house designs are a sure fire way to draw some attention from open mouthed passers by.

2. Mobile houses.

Now this isn’t your traditional mobile home design, but the idea of a ‘mobile’ home that has been taken quite literally by some crazy people out there who have simply installed a wooden shack structure on the back of a pickup truck! A convenient way to get around it may be (and a clever method of avoiding council tax?), but there’s a limit to the home comforts you can enjoy living on the back of a truck.

3. Fairytale houses.

From house designs that are meant to resemble Cinderella’s castle, to buildings that are straight out of nursery rhymes (for example, the giant piece of footwear from ‘There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe”), the supply of fairytale type ideas for homes is simply endless and very popular with those looking for crazy house designs.

4. Houses in motion.

Although most people might get a bit of a shock if the ceiling of their home suddenly started turning around, for others this is essential to the design of the house. From a solar panelled house that rotates towards the sun, to an Italian villa that turns around on its axis to give guests a slow and spectacular view of the surrounding area, there are some crazy moving house designs out there.

5. Upside down houses.

For some reason, some of the most popular crazy house designs are those where the building appears to the human eye to be upside down. These optical illusions are popular with those looking to attract attention to their abodes and designs range from columned mansions, to wooden lodges, all of which appear to have been lifted up and dumped on their roofs.

6. Squashed houses.

These types of houses look like a physical impossibility, as if they have been squeezed in a cartoon like fashion to fill an unusual, non-house-shaped space. Often comically sucked-in in the centre and bulging out at the top, whilst these properties look like they’re totally unlivable-in on the outside, behind the façade they are usually completely normal.

7. Miniature houses.

Particularly when land is at a premium, the least amount of space that can be taken up by a house the better! However, some house-builders take this to the extreme with a floor space that is just about the size of the garden shed and all the rooms in miniature. Be warned that these houses are not an optical illusion and you may well struggle to live in them if you are of a certain height or width.

8. Natural houses.

Some people don’t particularly want their homes to stand out from their surroundings, especially if the property is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The result? Homes concealed in the sides of mountains, built into trees and disguised in a rock face – definitely some of the craziest designs around.

9. Suspended houses.

For those who are sick of the outlook on ground level, or who want to make sure their views are unlikely to be blocked by someone else’s construction, the aerial house is the answer. From pods that suspend from trees and cranes, to tree house-like structures 40 ft up in the air, there are lots of options for those who want to build their castles in the sky.

10. Floating houses.

Although some of the designs might not be that crazy, the idea of living on water certainly is. Whether it’s a simple houseboat design, or an over the top floating palace, opting to construct on water instead of land opens up a whole new range of alternatives for the intrepid designer. The only thing to remember with floating houses is to make sure that design you go for actually floats….

If you’re looking to build your own unique house then the sky’s the limit when it comes to the design. Whether your dream house comes in the shape of a shoe, a castle, or a revolutionary eco design, the only thing stopping you from realizing it is the limit of your imagination (and possibly the local planning office).

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