Another Hot One On The Way


Many cities across the United States are reporting another heat wave headed to them soon.  For many parts throughout the country, this will be the fifth heat wave of the 2012 summer.  While emergency rooms and pools get ready for the increase in visitors, it’s suggested that if you’re a business owner you check to make sure your chiller is running effectively.  As temperatures get ready to climb over 100 degrees make sure you’re prepared for yet another heat wave.

The last heat wave left many emergency rooms across the nation packed.  Extreme heat can cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Many hospitals continue to treat countless patients afflicted with these issues.  Heat can also exacerbate heart and lung problems that some elderly people have.  Hospitals also saw an influx of young children with heat-related issues.  Signs of young children being affected by the heat include flushed, sweaty, and irritable.  If your child begins vomiting or acting strangely, parents should consider taking them to the emergency room immediately.

During the last heat, wave many communities had to cancel various events.  Some pools were closed because the heat of the water was deemed dangerous.  Warm water can cause heat exhaustion and stroke once the temperatures reach about 80 degrees.  If you own a pool be sure to check the water temperature before taking a dip.  Other activities like sports games and community events were canceled due to the high heat because players and spectators would not be safe out in the element.

If you’re a business owner, make sure that your HVAC system is working effectively and efficiently.  Keep employees cool by making sure they have access to plenty of cold water.  To keep employees working successfully you should also schedule more frequent breaks.  Some businesses are affected greatly by the heat and cannot run because they do not have the proper equipment to keep their businesses cool.   Make sure your business is prepared for the next heat wave so your profits aren’t hit by the extreme weather.

So that you’re prepared for the record-breaking highs that are headed your way, make sure you have a chiller ready to keep your facility cool.  Check your local TV stations and news to make sure community pools and activities are still on and not affected by the summer heat.  Stay safe throughout the heat wave by staying hydrated and cool.

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