Google Shortened URL Opens Up for Users


It is by no doubt the age of text messages and twitter, where people prefer shortened messages and want to communicate by typing least number of words. Sometimes, the Web Addresses or Universal Resource Locators normally called as URLs can be notoriously long. What to talk about the long ones, people are also very wary of the short URLs as well like, and when you have limitations of typing the no of characters on your Smartphones then every letter and word counts.

Google has been planning to revolutionize the Web World by introducing shortened URLs or the Web Page Addresses, so working on these lines, the search giant has introduced Shortened Version of its website URL that is which is now available for all the users.

So with this Shortened address, users can now access Google Website by just typing in and they will zap up to the Google homepage, unlike the previous times where the users have to type the complete address will initially a proprietary sort of a way for the search giant Google, so that they can further enhance their Google News Service and Google Maps Service.

Moreover, the new address will abbreviate the links which the user desires for and store them to view later or for even to send them to friends. But it is a fact that Google is entering a super-crowded zone, means that the traffic on the search engine is increasing manifolds with each passing day. These Tiny URLs are not a new phenomenon as various media seats have created their own abbreviations. Like New York Times has a shortened URL as and the micro blogging site Twitter has also a same kind of URL like

But the advantage which Google will have over the other shortened addresses is that as the search giant is offering huge number of services, shortening the link will connect them together.

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