Life after Postini: Making a Smooth Transition


The security of any company email correspondence is a top priority. With the recent winding up of the Google Postini email security service, countless businesses have been left wondering what the best move is for protecting their email.

Why it’s important

Communicating by email for commercial matters is standard these days. This means that confidential information, in the form of email content and various attachments, is routinely being sent all over the globe.

Life after Postini: Making a Smooth Transition

The opportunities for hacking, unauthorised access to email information, is at an all-time high. Therefore, keeping sensitive data safe and secure is absolutely vital.

Safe hands

For the smoothest Postini migration visit the website to find out about how such a transition works. A provider such as Mimecast is an attractive Postini alternative as it has the full sale of email security services on offer.

For instance, cloud email or external storage is a great option for the heavy email traffic which most companies deal with. Such a system offers cloud archiving, a secure digital data storage solution which complies with all relevant regulation laws. Cloud archive data includes documents, images and emails and is stored in a manner which allows easy access to all authorised personnel. It also frees up computer system space for alternative use, meaning better efficiency all round.

Smooth transition

In order to make the transition to a Postini alternative, it is necessary to have a plan which covers a company’s professional procedures and time scales. This is followed by a walk-through with the business to ensure that the system meets necessary requirements through automated and manual steps.

Next is the trial activation of the service where emails are routed throughout in order to iron out any wrinkles in the configuration. Finally, the service goes live, with technical advice available for the company as usage of the system develops.

Choose an expert

Such a transition is too important to be left to inexperienced providers.  Engage the services of a company which has a proven track record in Postini migration so that your email security is guaranteed.

If your company has ever been the victim of hacking or your email server has fallen short in some other way, you will already be aware of the need to get yourself firmly under the protective wing of a top provider.

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