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A Guide On The Procedure Of Installing New Typefaces To Show Your Creativity


Web fonts are generally required for many purposes like designing a business card, website or to send a message to subscribers, etc. Web font is a common subject that many people do not take care of as they think it to be of no importance. But this is not so, a proper web front can enhance the visual impact of the reader and can also make your message look more organized and attractive, thus attracting the attention of the viewers towards your message. There are some common web fonts like Arial, Papyrus, Comic Sans and Calibri that are used in almost all kinds of computer works but always remember that same kinds of typefaces do not suit everywhere.

A Guide On The Procedure Of Installing New Typefaces To Show Your Creativity

Need of proper fonts

Good web fonts geared towards utter clarity and readability. A proper font can create a mood in the readers so that they can read your message with more interest. If you are a beginner, then rather than using your own type fonts you should always seek the service of experts who can guide you with the exact fonts that will be require as per your designs and themes. But again, if you have basic sense about visualization and designing, then you can make it out of your own even without the help of professionals.

How to install fonts?

If you want to install web fonts on window XP, then this is the right place for. Here, you will get the exact procedure to install a font for your design. First open the web “font gallery” and then click on the “Start” button followed by the “Control panel”. Click on the “Appearance and Themes” option, you will able to come across “See also” option, a drop box will appear with the option of “fonts”, click on it. On the file menu you will get the “Install new font” option. In the drivers, click on the specific drive that you want and double click on the folders that contains the type of font you want to add. In the “list of fonts”, click directly on the web font that you want to install followed by “OK” in the pop window. To add all the fonts, click on the “Select all option” and then click on “OK”.

Embedding of web fonts

There are thousands of free fonts that are available on the web and in the last few years only the printing sector has got the privilege to make use of these unique and attractive fonts. Web designers were stuck with standard fonts to design their sites in order to ensure that they are compatible and web-safe. But font embedding, a compatible and easy procedure is now being used in plenty of websites. It provides gorgeous typefaces for regular page contents, blog headlines and other variable texts. The process of font embedding has been used since many years and designers have been experimenting with various kinds of unique web fonts for years to come up with design software. Presently, we have the option of including fonts directly on the web servers and install them via CSS in the web pages.

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