Sony, one of the most well known firms in the electronics’ market, which produces host of products, is currently releasing a new-fangled chain of Sony Vaio laptops. The F series 3D laptops build are 16 inch models that employ the Nvidia 3D Vision tech which is well-liked in conjunction with the Sony’s proprietary 3DTV system.

The HD display of 16 inches with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution is an outstanding improvement when evaluated with the rival 3D laptops that have a rather lower resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The resolution is well-matched for the HD streams and as well for the Blu-ray ones. The blend of the 3D and HD utilities in a lone handy gadget allows the users to take pleasure in seeing these elements wherever they feel like. This awesome tech takes in the cozy 3D dynamic glasses that present an exhilarating time-out devoid of excess cross talk which is generally known by the name of ghosting. This edition of Sony Vaio laptops not merely permits users to benefit from 3D content but in addition allows them transfer the 2D-HD stuff in to the much better, advanced and trendy 3D real time stuff with just a lone selection of the 3D button that is very much on the keyboard.

The laptop has an influential second generation Intel processor, an Nvidia graphics card, an extendable RAM and a 7200 RPM hard sick or SSD. These elements build it into a soaring performance apparatus. It can carry out any specified job or app without difficulty. It can also carry out the 3D expurgation of full HD clips.

Apart from that it has LED Lights that is used to backlight the display. It presents a vivid and brusque image that is nothing less than reality at the same time as running some 3D stuff. The S-Force Front Surround 3D System is extremely fitting for the 5 channel surround sound making. It is incredibly awesome for the immersive time out with the 3D playback. The keyboard that has a backlight is as well presents an amazing sight of the keys even in the surroundings that are devoid of apt lighting. There is an ambient light feeler that helps to switch off and switch on the lights mechanically in this newest Sony Vaio laptops.

The entire sketch of the laptop is in its own way a very unique and exclusive one when judged against the rest of Vaio laptops. The rest of those laptops have curved pivot look whereas this has lanky ones on the frontage cover and on the display bezel. The mainframe is highly developed as it is of the second generation and it is outfitted with the Hyper Threading and the Turbo Boost technologies. It has a substantial knack in transferring the 2D, Blu-ray and DVD stuff to 3D. On the whole, the F series is a fine addition to the Sony Vaio laptops that are on hand from the month of February 2011 and its price tag would read about $1700.

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  1. It is the only drawback we found is that it is heavy, you can not bear it go with ease. Unfortunately, if Sony allowed to enter a GTX, it would certainly fight with Alienware

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