The Future Of Healthcare Marketing: Going Mobile


The healthcare industry hasn’t always been the quickest to adopt new marketing trends, but going mobile seems to be a trend that is proving to be a big league player. Many companies from many different industries have been using mobile optimization to connect with their clients and it’s time for healthcare providers to give the same opportunities to their patients.

Going mobile doesn’t have to be a difficult task, either. It can be accomplished with a few improvements to your website and email campaigns, and cashing in on mobile avenues that are already up and running like in-app advertising and QR codes. The following points can help steer your company to provide more than just great healthcare, but finally, great communication.

Mobile-Friendly Website
Going mobile always starts with the resources you already have. The biggest virtual asset your company has is your website. It should already be the portal of choice for your clients to connect with your business, find information, leave reviews, and read your blog. And with the increasing use of smartphones to browse the Internet, why wouldn’t you want to optimize your website to accommodate every user from desktop to mobile to tablet? Talk to your web designer and developer about incorporating elements that can convert depending on which device is connected to them, and think about minimizing content to make the overall user experience more streamlined. The thing to remember about mobile users is that they’re mobile. They want their information on the go, and your website should be designed with their lifestyles in mind.

Mobile-Friendly Emails
Yes, email marketing is a still thing. It wasn’t left in 2007 like many companies believe. In fact, when you think about how much more accessible email is today with the use of smartphones and tablets, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t put much thought into your emails lately. Your healthcare company should start considering revamping your email marketing campaign to be optimized for mobile phones. Users can quickly be updated about clinic events and promotions, sent newsletters and blog posts, and invited to come back to the website or to any number of social media sites. A clever email marketing campaign that is geared towards the mobile user will make every email you send out a success.

Mobile Advertising
Advertising isn’t just for the newspapers, anymore! Your company can advertise in many ways to reach the plethora of mobile users out there. Get in touch with companies who develop healthcare related mobile apps and ask to advertise within their app. Offer promotions to bring business your way. Also, look for healthcare websites that are mobile-friendly and advertise there as well. An all around mobile experience for your users will result in an exceptional and consistent visit for them.

From Offline to Online
Taking your healthcare company online doesn’t mean you need to abandon all of your offline efforts. In fact, many people still open their mail, take pamphlets, and ask for brochures to be sent to them. Take advantage of these tried-and-true marketing efforts by incorporating mobile elements. QR codes, for instance, make it very easy for any smartphone owner to visit a website by simply scanning an image on a piece of paper. You can also include your company’s Facebook address or Twitter handle and invite people to connect with you online. By cross promoting your company like this, you can broaden your audience and connect with them in more ways than you ever thought possible.

The Big App
The big question on every healthcare provider’s mind is whether or not they should build an app. Unfortunately, the answer is not so cut and dry. On one hand, mobile apps are becoming a huge business in their own right because people love easy ways to connect with their favorite companies. A clinic could offer an appointment system on their app or a resource of medical issues. A hospital could offer geolocation or a calendar of activities. The possibilities are endless. However, an app can be a major investment and unless you create a reason for your users to visit it more than twice a year for making an appointment, it can be difficult to justify the money. The best way to determine if your company could benefit from an app is to survey your clients and ask what they’d like to see from an app. Their insights could sway you into making a great decision or avoiding a terrible one.

The time has come for the healthcare industry to take advantage of the mobile marketing campaigns that so many other businesses have had success with. Today’s consumers want to connect with businesses, big or small, and they want to do so quickly. By offering mobile-optimized features for your company, you can provide your customers with accessibility whenever and wherever they are.

Pete Wise is a Copywriter for 20/20 Institute, the leader in vision correction in Colorado. Their years of experience and top-rated doctors make their offices popular places to have your eye examined and get LASIK. Call for free information about the best lasik in denver.

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