A Review Of Glee Karaoke Revolution for Wii


Despite a bit of backlash, a failed movie, and dropping ratings, Glee remains one of the most popular shows on Fox. And no matter what you say, there are still millions of “Gleeks” who will forever be loyal to the show. Glee Karaoke Revolution is for these fans. There’s really no reason to buy it if you don’t like the show, because it’s doubtful that you’ll enjoy the game. But if you make it a point to watch the adventures of Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, and Sue Sylvester every Tuesday, this game is a dream come true. If you have no idea who these people are however, it’s best to move on.

How it Works

The game is a stylish version of Karaoke Revolution where you sing along with videos and try to hit the right notes. There’s virtually no difference between this version and previous incarnations of Karaoke Revolution, except this one features songs sung by the cast from Glee. The technical side of the game involves requiring the singer to hit the right notes and pitch. It’s similar to the procedure found in games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band except you use your voice and the Wii microphone. But if you’re a fan of Glee, winning the game is secondary because the fun really comes when you feel like you’re a part of each episode.

The Songs

Every song (there are 30 in each package) is a real-life song that has been featured on the show. They’re also accompanied by videos direct from the episodes. So while you watch the action on screen, notes will scroll across the bottom. You can sing along with the action and dance the cast just like you are living in the show. There’s also bonus footage that has never been released, and a few montages to make things interesting. As you achieve certain goals, you’ll unlock bonus features that will be shown in your own personal scrapbook.

Fun with Friends

This game is fun for parties since it features various multiplayer modes. You can sing duets in co-op mode to take on another team, or you can try to beat up to six other people in multiplayer while representing your respective characters. This is the perfect thing to whip out if you’re having a party where you want to do something different.

By now there are three versions of Glee for Wii – one for each season of the show. All versions are basically the same except the song selection is obviously different. If you just want a taste, any of the versions will do. And if you like what you see, you can find all three bundled at an affordable price. There’s a huge difference in enjoyment levels for this game, and it all depends on whether or not you love Glee. If you do, this purchase is a no-brainer that you’ll fall in love with right away.


The good: Fun song selection, represents the show accurately, diehards will absolutely love it.

The Bad: no option to turn down the lead vocals, almost no progression between volume 1 to 3, there’s really no point if you don’t like watching Glee.

This look at Glee for Wii comes from where you can find further information and reviews for full-fledged karaoke machines. Buying a videogame version can be a cheaper way to sing home karaoke, but nothing beats an old-fashioned system if you want the real experience.

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