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The Streak, tablet computer by Dell is serving as a contending competitor for the Apple iPad, with a pocket size style and phone competence leaving people wondering whether or not to call it a smart phone.

The Dell Streak’s design is its most prominent feature, with a width of 6 inches, length of 3.2 inches and a thickness of 0.35 inch, the Streak crosses the dimensions of being called a smartphone, instead it looks more like a pocket notebook. The Dell Streak hardware capabilities include a camera, touch screen and a memory expansion slot, having Google Android operating system, which is nothing new for users.

The Good Facets of the Dell Streak

The Streak by Dell has both pros and cons, while pros outweighing its cons. The Dell Streak is an exceptional blend of display size, design feature and processor control. The Streak is a right combination of expediency, handiness and features and this makes it very attractive consideration for probable buyers, but it should not be thought of a regular replacement for your phone or laptop.

Other than this, the Dell Streak has Wi-Fi capabilities, support for 3G and a Bluetooth range of all wireless spots. The wireless capabilities of the Streak are quite impressive and are pretty much close to that of the Apple iPad. The Streak enables users to have access to one of the direst features in today’s market: the Android Application Market. Although the Streak does not optimize all Android applications but it provides a good access to applications after the iPad.

The Failing Aspects of the Dell Streak

The Streak by Dell does not offer a good camera quality and the camera inclines to veil photos and videos due to the inappropriate requirement to place the hand while snapping photos. It has a VGA resolution camera on the front and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with an integrated LED flash. The touchscreen of the Streak is not very friendly as the 5 inch capacity touch screen is covered with a square scrape resilient plastic.

The battery life of the Streak is rather poor and gives a 9 hour talk time on a single charge, as testified by many users. The brightness of its screen is set up to 25 percent and this makes it difficult to view outside in the brightness.


The Dell Streak is reliable and can be easily used and protected in the rough daily usage. The reaction times of the Streak’s screen are highly reactive unlike the unwieldy resistive screens of the Android e-readers and Archos tablets; this high and quick reaction of the Streak’s screen makes it highly competent with the Apple iPad. The Streak promises a good running with its core backed up with 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and emits no problems at any tasks initiated on it. Infact, it has said to provide users and testers a rapid application launching time.

Although, the Apple iPad and the Dell Streak cannot be justifiably compared, but Dell having called the Streak a tablet phone has forced the comparison.

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