Watchout for Redline. A Fully On-Chain Game.


Redline is an upcoming blockchain game with a playable demo late Sep-2022. Redline is a step closer to being the greatest community owned racing spectacle of the #metaverse

You will be able to mint #NFTs later this month. Also, you can win them by helping out on and completing quests

Realworld weather:

The game will fetch real world weather from the starknet blockchain, rendered using Unreal Engine 5 and streamed on Twitch. So, if you are in dubai and a sandstorm is brewing get ready to experience the same in redline and race with your robots.

Fractal Scaling:

Its a tech to further speed up Eth and L2’s by making use of L3’s and L4’s. However, it is not clear at this point if Redline will make use of this tech in their game. But since they are building on top of Starknet they have this option open to speed up their fully on-chain mechanism better than other games.

Robots in Redline:

According to @PlayRedline robots are about 27 meters high, their average speed is about 400km/h, depending on how you build them they can go even faster

They have also recently announced a grant by @StarkWareLtd

Await More Details:

Not many details are available about the game and the team behind it. Do subscribe to their socials to get latest updates directly from the Redline team.





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