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What was once considered a fad being pushed by a small group of elite IT professionals has since taken the world by storm. Yep. We’re talking about cloud computing again. The reality is that cloud computing has permeated the entire world of data management and distribution. With the arrival and rise to prominence of this new technology comes a wide range of new employment opportunities. According to a recent report by IDC, the cloud computing industry is expected to create upwards of 14 million new jobs by 2015. The same report also indicated that the cloud computing industry is expected to produce upwards of $1 trillion in new revenue each year.

How the Cloud is Changing the IT Landscape

The argument being put forth is that the cloud will replace all duties within the IT environment. While many duties are being replaced, this argument doesn’t hold a lot of water. In fact, new opportunities have been created as more cloud hosting companies join the market. This creates an environment where talented cloud managers are highly valuable to companies of all stripes.

How to Land a Job in Cloud Management

Get the Right Training – The problem isn’t that there is a shortage of cloud management jobs, but rather a lack of qualified IT professionals. The best place to start is by getting adequate training. You should have a solid background in server administration, data management and business analysis. On top of general IT training, tomorrow’s cloud managers should have a growing stable of IT certifications. Ideal cloud management candidates should have certifications in VMware, Cisco Design, ZapThink Architecture, Open Group IT Architecture and at least one certification through In short, prospective cloud managers need to be a jack-of-all-trades expert in building and managing cloud-powered systems.

Keep an Eye Out For Cloud Leads – In many cases, jobs at the largest cloud companies seem out of reach. Keep in mind that cloud computing has affected almost every industry in some way. This includes everything from medicine, to manufacturing, to hospitality. Also, this is very new technology that many industries don’t have a solid grasp on yet. Many companies will reach out to certified cloud managers to educate and train existing employees, and then build and deploy a cloud system. Keep an eye on these positions and strike while the iron is hot.

Look for Openings in Your Own Company – This is often a risky, yet effective move. As you notice major inefficiencies in your own organization, keep an eye out for ways the cloud could solve them. Be subtle and tactful. Talk up some of your certifications without sounding “braggy.” More importantly, be the first to respond to questions about the cloud. The big idea is to position yourself in your own company as a cloud management expert.

It’s an exciting time for IT. As an industry that boasts an unemployment rate of only 3 percent while other industries struggle to keep and maintain new jobs, it’s hard to ignore the powerful data that supports the IT industry’s massive job growth. Now’s the time to jump on the cloud computing bandwagon. In other words, strike while the iron is hot.

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