Weird And Wonderful Kitchen Appliances


Kitchens are the heart of the home, and are usually considered cosy and warm environments. But what if you and your family are a little quirkier than your regular nuclear family? Here are some weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets to match your family’s uniqueness and bring you joy every time you cook!

An Egg Cuber

What kitchen is complete without its very own egg cuber? No longer will you have to worry about your eggs slipping or rolling off your plate as you carry them to the dinner table! Your guests won’t know what to make of your quirky square-shaped eggs, and they may wonder what the poor chicken had to go through to produce them!

A Rabbit Mixer

Mixers are very useful gadgets in the kitchen, but they’re usually just plain white and can be quite boring. Snag one of these cute little bunny rabbit mixers and you’ll find yourself wanting to bake more and more often! They’re a great way of getting kids involved in cooking too, as what child could resist wanting to play with this adorable gadget?

Medieval Espresso Machine

If you feel your home is a little too inviting and you’re sick of having so many guests coming round for coffee, perhaps you should pick up this medieval espresso machine! It looks like a torture device, and so any visitors may worry about what exactly they have to endure to get a nice cup of java!

Buzzsaw Pizza Cutter

Who doesn’t love pizza? The only drag is when you get it out of the oven and have to figure out the best way to slice it up! Finding a plate or cutting board big enough can be a dilemma, particularly if all you have is a knife to try and portion it up with. This buzzsaw-shaped pizza cutter will do just the trick! And it will make your pizza-chopping chore more fun!

Smoke Gun

People don’t prepare much smoked food in their kitchens at home any more, because most ovens are fitted with an extractor fan rather than a chimney. However, if you still want to inject that smoky flavour into your food, you could always get yourself a smoke gun!

Smile Toaster

This cute toaster will add joy to your breakfast every morning, as you look down to your plate and see a little face smiling back up at you. As a bonus, this particular toaster looks very sophisticated and will add a futuristic feel to your kitchen! There are a lot of toasters available that imprint faces and pictures onto your toast, so have a look at what’s out there and you’re sure to find a toaster to suit your tastes!

Messenger Toaster

An even more unique invention than toasters that imprint pictures is this messenger toaster. You can  write a message on the screen that will imprint onto the toast. It’s perfect for leaving unexpected love notes for your partner, or for telling your kids to make their own damn breakfast!

There are hundreds of quirky kitchen gadgets out there, and these are just a few to whet your appetite. With a hard enough search, you could equip your entire kitchen with quirky objects to match your personality!

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