An Iphone App To Make Paint Color Selection Quick And Easy


My Iphone is a great tool and I’m always looking for ways to use it to make my life just a bit easier. I never dreamed of all the apps that would be able to help me do that.

My latest favorite application is for home improvement, specifically paint color selection. If you’ve got an iphone and you want to pick out a new paint color for your homes interior or exterior, download the ColorCapture app from iTunes.

ColorCapture is made by Benjamin Moore and the colors are the same that are available at your local Benjamin Moore paint store.

I’ve used the app on several painting projects around my home now and it’s made a really great color brainstorming tool.

Using The App To Match Colors

When you open the app one of your main choices it to open your cameras photo library and to choose a picture. You can then click on the picture to match one of Benjamin Moore’s colors to a color in your picture.

Tip: Make sure the subject in your picture is well lit, preferably with natural light. Color Capture is most accurate with images that are well lit. If your picture has dark and shadowy areas the app won’t get an accurate match. The app can only compensate so much for poorly lit pictures.

One Downside

The application isn’t perfect, and Benjamin Moore admits it. Even though the app does its best, it can’t perfectly reproduce colors from the color wheel. That doesn’t make the app worthless, however.

Even if you go to the store and pick out a few color chips to bring home they won’t be entirely accurate either. The only way to get true color representation is to buy samples and paint them on your wall.

Use the application as a guide to help you get into the perfect color category and then put some samples up on the wall to hone in on the perfect shade.

Creating Color Combinations

You can easily save colors by double clicking them to add them to your idea book. Then you can add a second color to the book to create coordinating color combinations.

The name and number of the colors will be saved so that you can easily retrieve them at the store so that you can pick up samples.

Store Locator

Of course they have a store locator. This has actually come in handy for me a small handful of times. I get the Benjamin Moore store confused with the Glidden and Sherwin Williams store on a regular basis.

My brain only wants to categorize them as paint stores. I’ve referenced the app more than once to straighten myself out before leaving the house.

The author of this article, Scott Jenkins is into painting and kitchen remodeling. He loves to use natural stone products like quartz countertops when remodeling. One of the most popular brands are Silestone countertops, available at big box stores like Home Depot.

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