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What is more catchy and sassy for iPhone, and ipad lovers? Of course, iPhone apps and what else it can be. Nothing is impossible for iPhone users after using iPhone apps of 2012. That is more explosive and more incredible; you can achieve what you desire. Inspired by the idea what user wants to achieve from a specific app, iPhone apps always admired by iPhone lovers because of their usability. Here we can find the most successful iPhone app for 2012 that have achieved high ranking in iStore. Here is the list of the famous iPhone app for 2012.

30 Best iPhone Apps 2012

  • Find My iPhone
  • ShopSavvy
  • Dragon Go!
  • Weather Underground
  • Kayak
  • GasBuddy
  • Angry Birds
  • MapQuest 4 Mobile
  • Fandango
  • Yelp
  • Dinner Spinner
  • ESPN ScoreCenter
  • Facebook
  • Personal Finance
  • Shazam
  • iMapMyRUN+
  • Flipboard
  • Flashlight
  • Atomic Web Browser
  • Cleartune
  • gMusic
  • Tweetbot
  • Springpad
  • Atari’s Greatest Hits
  • Netflix
  • Skyfire VideoQ
  • GarageBand
  • StumbleUpon
  • Words With Friends
  • Instapaper
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail
  • IntoNow
  • They Need To Be Fed
  • LogMeIn
  • Foursquare
  • Instagram
  • Foodspotting
  • Find My Friends
  • OkCupid
  • Pandora Radio
  • Pregnancy (Sprout)
  • CardMunch
  • TNR-i
  • iTunes U
  • Spotify
  • Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search
  • Wine Info
  • Smart Ride

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is one of the best of the year 2012. Now to find out you iPhone is not impossible if you don’t know where you have put it. It is the magic of this app  that it will sounds for two minutes even if iPhone is on silent mode it will rang like a blast so that you can  track your iPhone.

Download Find My iPhone


Shop Sawvy updates you about the latest deal if you go for shopping. You can use this great app after getting register. Just type the name of product and you will find the deals available at online store or anyone existing near your house.

Download ShopSavy

Dragon Go!

Dragon go is an app that is the alternate of Siri, you can say anything, and here you will find a list of results within a blink of eye. This app is reliable and is getting high ranking in app store.

Download Dragon Go

Weather Underground

This mobile app foresees whether and provides you latest updates about weather. You can get information from more than 22000 weather stations via this iPhone app. You can get very reliable information about the temperature of your city and anywhere you want to.  It also provides weekly forecast weekly forecast.

Download Weather Underground


Looking for plane ticket for immediate travel but unable to find any ticket within your budget? Don’t worry! Because Kayak has made it possible, now with your iPhone you can access plane tickets and can track your flight schedule. This app is featured with airline phone numbers, flight schedules, luggage fee, booking of hotels and cars, everything this is required for travelling.

Download Kayak


GasBuudy is an app that is designed to update you about latest price update of diesel and gas. You can see the latest updates about pricing of diesel and gas in minutes hours or days. This app also provides the pricing according to the type of fuel.

You will need software testing company to rank your app high in iStore.

Download GasBuddy

Angry Birds

The most popular mobile game of the year is Angry Birds. The game revolves around pig and birds. The players perform the role of birds and get revenge from the pigs by pulling the birds back in a slingshot. By killing all the pigs you can succeed for the next level.

Download Angry Birds

MapQuest 4 Mobile

This app simply directs you where to move. Its exclusive features are traffic, walking directions’, and a low battery mode. MapQuest is free to download.

Download MapQuest 4 Mobile


With Fandango you can keep the pace in the entertainment world. You can watch trailers of the upcoming movies, reviews, and can browse movies. By using this app you can easily find the location of your favorite theater where you want to enjoy and can purchase the tickets and reserve the seat you like.

Download Fandango


The core objective of this app is to find out local business like restaurants clinics for health and departmental stores. This app also provides check-ins, photo submission and latest deals of food and other accessories.

Download Yelp Dinner Spinner

You can cook by simply downloading this wonderful app, even if you don’t know how to cook. All Dinner spinners offer online recipes along with its ingredients. Now you’re cooking expertise is in your iPhone.

Find Dinner Spinner

ESPN Score Center

Get the latest updates about each and every sport by using ESPN Score center. Click on the My team page for live score updates for all of your favorite teams. You can use push alert if you are loaded with work. Push alert keep informing you about the score updates.

Download ESPN Score Center


With Facebook   iPhone app you get connected with your friends. The app offers access to games and photos.

Download Facebook App Personal Finance

This app deals in financial management, and is famous for its interface. This appp provides information about your accounts like total cash and debt, your cash flow statement, alert based on monthly budget investment for the month is received by the user.

Download Personal Finance


This is the wonderful app, as it provides you information about the artist once you hear the song. By tracking tall important information, you can download the song. Now you don’t need to think who sings the song? Your iPhone knew the answer.

Download Shazam


This app is suitable to measure the distance; you can easily gauge how much you have run in your morning walk. This app measures the running routes automatically. This app also include nutrition tracker that will alert you how many calories you have taken. You can pause or start the tracking with a tap when you have to stop in traffic.

Download iMapMyRUN+


This app is popular for reading news on iPhone. You can get updates of each type like social political by using this app.

Download Flipboard


This app is used to spotlight the surroundings in darkness as it is used by all smartphone users, this is free app. You can change the beam’s brightness by rotating the dial along the top.

Download Flashlight

Atomic Web Browser

Atomic Web Browser includes the feature of full browsing, private browsing. It works like a desktop browser. You can share link to Twitter, Facebook and can email it. This works at its best as an alternate of Apple’s Safari.

Download Atomic Web Browser


Cleartune makes you musician you can easily play piano or nay other gadget you like. Cleartune allows you to set the frequency and pitch and change the notation. Now you can easily play the song you like in just$ 3.99. Compose your music and become your own teacher.

Download Cleartune


Google has not released an official app for iPhone, but this app is valuable. You can have access to music library that contains massive songs with playlist that can be edited. This app can be used as Apple’s default music app. this app is free to download and contains 20,000 songs in music library.


The $3 Tweetboot app is very exciting to use in iPhone. The app has a very attractive interface, with customizable tabs and media attachments allow you to share photos, upload videos, share and save reading services. This is a third party app that is used for tweets.

Download Tweetbot is something that gives you a chance to become a DJ and play the song of people’s choice. This can be done by joining the room. Here you can find other users who are rotating their songs. One can learn more about music by listening the music on this platform.


Springboard is useful to stash notes. Ideas, images, with this app you can easily save clippings of webpages and explains beneficial info about the ingredients of a recipe, that can be added in shopping list of the app. You can also save information about the products by using built -in barcode scanner that is observed in real world.

Follow test iphone app strategy to rank your app high in iStore.

Download Springpad

Atari’s Greatest Hits

This one is the most played iPhone game and game lovers cannot avoid this game. The catalog is separated between arcade and Atari 2600 games, this version also offers 4-game package for $1 each. This game allows you to become worldwide player by comparing your score globally. In just $10 you can buy all 99 games.

Download Atari’s Greatest Hits


Netflix app is free and its streaming subscription allows you to see you favorite movie and drama, sport whenever you like. You can easily add content to your instant Queue so that you can playback when you like. The iPhone app allows you to watch anything on Netflix direct from your TV or computer. –

Download NetFlix

Skyfire VideoQ

Skefire VideoQ allows you to watch movie and other video contents. Just copy the webpage address from your browser and put it on the pap. Skyfire easily can convert the page into format that is supportive by iPhone.

Find Skyfire VideoQ


The music making app that gains much attention of the young people is GarageBand.  The app contains features that can be customized, including guitar, piano, and drum layouts. You can easily make a tune by using this app.

Download GarageBand


StumbleUpon app is ready for your iphone, accessing the cool stuff over the internet. Just press the StumbleUpon button you will be directed to delicious recipe to amazing photography, everything you need is here.

Download Stumbleupon
Words with Friends
This very popular game and widely used in iPhone. You are eligible to contest the strangers through this game sitting in any corner of the world. You are given the notification about your turn in this game. You have to make 20 matches. You can also connect this game with Facebbok so that you can play with your friends.
Download Words with Friends

All of these 30 best iPhone apps, there is no one that can’t be ignored. One the best thing about these apps is this, it offers convenience, entertainment, and relax environment. All of these apps are supportive in real-time world. That’s why these apps get highest ranking in iPhone app store. What is your favorite if you have to choose one of these greatest apps for 2012?

Like I have stated earlier at the beginning of the article that all of these apps ranked high in iStore, so if you are an iphone development company, you will certainly need to rank your app high in iStore, but it is not possible without going through test iphone app strategy. I will recommend you to hire services from mobile app testing company to rank your app high in iStore.

There are many software testing companies offering software testing services out there. Most of the software testing companies out there also offers mobile application testing, so you can consult them how to make your app more functional and beneficial for end users. All of the apps ranked high in iStore keep record that they were without any harmful bug and they were ideal for end users to implement.
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