News On Specifications, Release Date and Price Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Everyone is looking forward to the replacement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a new version.  The consumer market is anticipating a new Galaxy Note 4 with features that are out of this world. This is in consideration to the fact that Note 3 was an improvement of Note 2, and therefore the expectation is that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be better than other versions.


People are already buzzing about the expected features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, some of these being just mere speculations and rumors. However, some of the features about the upcoming device are already well known. These include the following:

ü  Camera with an Anti Shake Feature

This incredible anti-shake feature featured in the 16MP camera will allow people to take crystal clear images using Galaxy Note 4. It is said that this camera can even take clear images when one is in dim areas. People say that there will be no difference between someone taking images using a tripod and one who uses this amazing Galaxy Note 4.

ü  Wireless Charging

Though there are some devices in the market featuring wireless charging, the Korean tech giant, Samsung is about to surprise people with new wireless technology after releasing Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The magnetic resonance technology will help one to charge their devices even from long distances. Maybe we will be ushering an era where we can charge our phones from the pockets after release of the next note.

News On Specifications, Release Date and Price Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Other specifications include:

ü  4GB RAM

ü  3500-3600 mAH battery

ü  An octa processor

ü  Android Kit Kat system

ü  Dual channel with Wi-Fi capabilities

ü  5.9 inches screen

Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is surely a revolutionary device that the consumer will gladly receive in the market. However, one question still remains- when can we buy the amazing device? Well, the answer to this question is based on speculations and observations from the past trends. The last Galaxy Note 3 was released in the month of September of 2013. Therefore, it can be speculated that Galaxy Note 4 will be released between the months of September and October this year, 2014.


People are also worried whether they can afford to pay for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 especially with the consideration of the incredible features. Well, Galaxy Note 3 was expected to be expensive, and Samsung proved everyone wrong. The device only went for 750 dollars! Samsung may not want to go beyond this price limit because of competitors such as Sony, LG and Nokia who have incredible yet affordable devices.

Final Verdict

So that’s all about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet. It’s the new big thing of 2014, which will tear the market share of iPhones apart and create a place in buyers’ hearts. It is going to be an indispensable part of your pocket, if you are a technology lover, as it will be packed with some of the most gorgeous technologies of 2014, and will be the first gadget to explore these innovations.

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