Lenovo will have your Windows 10 phone in summer, while Xiaomi playing with the system as Mi 4


Microsoft announced the dates of the deployment of Windows 10, which will take place in 190 countries during the summer, with over 111 languages ??listed. More or less would know that fall in that part of the year, but it never hurts to official confirmation.

The platform will be free update for those phones that support it and have at least Windows Phone 8.1. But the interesting thing is to know the Asian partners that Microsoft is taking, so it is quite possible to ensure a better start with earlier versions.  The new version will be safer and should stop the use of monitoring software that has been a problem in previous versions.

A Lenovo for summer

Lenovo finally mounted on the carriage of Windows phones, they has been announced as one of the new partners in the WinHEC conference that was held in Shenzhen. It was one of the outstanding companies to get something, as we knew from that reported about it at MWC 2014.

His first device will go to China, from the hand of the operator China Mobile. It will be mid-year, and with a simple phone specification of 4.5-inch display and midrange Snapdragon processor, that is data that can advance. It seems that those who get to work are made, do it with affordable handsets.

Xiaomi evidenced in E4

I guess know the phone is currently the last Mi and we analyze it for you. For Xiaomi is testing Windows 10 on it, in fact it has created a program to elect some phone users, to help them with the evidence.

The user group will have access to a version of Windows 10 operating on Mi 4, known as ‚ÄúTechnical Preview” with the intention that becomes final before the end of the year. Advances and feedback will be conducted directly with Microsoft.

From what we understand, a Windows 10 version Xiaomi phones makes, does not mean that they will exist in the market. But the association exists, and logic tells us that have to have some fruit, sooner or later. Sounds weird that specializes in customizing, firm produce a Windows phone.

Microsoft has bigger plans

None of the companies involved have given more details of the tests, but near the Chinese company means say that it does is eliminate Android to put Windows 10, no “dual starts”. One option that Microsoft likes most and tried to be a choice in markets as like India.

Microsoft seems to have big plans beyond Xiaomi create a ROM. Want to reach more installed devices on the market, but have decided to start with them for the greater community they have, and easy to get feedback for development.

From Xiaomi seems to want to make it clear from the outset that this is not a strategic move to finish growing in other markets, whether with Android are harder to do so. For them it is just walk over to his followers ROM, we’ll see how much of MIUI there in it.

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