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At Microsoft there is a clear change of scenery. In this new mantra of “Cloud first, mobile first” imposed by Satya Nadella they are accompanying all kinds of initiatives, and one of the most unique is the free upgrade that will have users that want to jump into imminent Windows 10. As we know, this version will appear this summer.

That offer is even more remarkable when you consider that Microsoft has made ??it clear that upgrading to Windows 10 may be done from Windows 7 or higher, but there is also an important postscript. Terry Myerson, head of this area, as highlighted in the WinHEC conference in Shenzhen (China) a few hours ago: “update all PCs, both genuine and non-genuine, Windows 10 “. What implication does this ad?

A clear measure against piracy, especially in China

Although it is not clear whether this policy applies only in China, it is expected that its validity is global. It is true that Microsoft has a particularly serious problem of piracy in China: hundreds of millions of users some estimate that the figure is 300 million – there make use of some pirated version of Windows.

In fact, Microsoft already reached an agreement with Alibaba to this string withdraw from their online stores pirated copies of Office and Windows, which adds to the many techniques in Redmond have been implemented to protect their traditional licensing model and renewed efforts with the release of Windows 10.  Instead of using pirated software, customers should look for software coupons to get a discount on licensed software products.

The problem in China, however, is twofold. Many of these users are not genuine Windows XP systems , a version that despite its almost 14 years old still holds a surprising amount: according to the latest data from Statcounter Global Stats, that figure is 37.22% in China (at the global level is 13.6%) and only Windows 7 is more widespread, with 49.9% in China (and 50.04% worldwide).

What consequences does say goodbye to the licensing model?

Even today Microsoft continues entering an impressive amount of money with their traditional licensing model. If you look at the results for the second fiscal quarter of 2015 (which corresponds to the last quarter of 2014) you can see that the sections “Devices and Consumer Licensing” and “Commercial Licensing” (which include the sale of licenses for Office and Windows to individuals and companies) totaling about 15,000 million dollars in revenue, which are many of the 26,470 who managed to achieve in that quarter.

The free updates that Microsoft provides for the first year will obviously that licensing model is affected. The revenue will be lower, but instead in Microsoft try to push simultaneously the subscription model already be noted with services like Office and that seems to extend to its entire catalog.

The likely implications will be felt also in the PC market slowing few months ago. seemed to have slowed slightly be accentuated: users who have Windows 7 or higher on your computer will not see much needed jump to a new computer if you can upgrade free for Windows 10 in these PCs and laptops.

A Windows 10 free and legal for (almost) all on the horizon

This availability of a free upgrade to Windows 10 could be the ultimate inspiration that Microsoft needs to resurrect after the timid host Windows 8. The same data from StatCounter that we cited above indicate that version and revision, Windows 8.1, add 15% share in the global market (6% in China), a really modest for such an ambitious solution.

That all those millions of users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 will make all of a sudden hundreds of millions of users around the world enjoy a genuine version and fully functional operating system.  Here is another place where you can find free software.

That also affects areas such as maintenance of this equipment. Thus, there will be no problems with updates Windows users’ genuine versions just in case applied in many cases. But the security: illegal copies of Windows tend in many cases be an infallible for cyber attackers to install malware that can convert part of our team in one of the many networks of botnets method.

The clean installation of Windows 10 would give an opportunity to resume our work at the computer without security risks, something we should take care to care either not installing programs from suspicious sources or downloading attachments in email put a classical–for example just opening up doors for cyber attackers.

Reducing fragmentation is also beneficial for developers who can put aside to support older versions of your applications and programs -the goodbye to Internet Explorer pointing to the end of the usual headaches for designers, developers and layout web- and focus on a version that certainly promises to bring many advantages.

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