Should You Upgrade To An IPhone 6? What You Need To Know First?


Are you considering upgrading your smartphone to the new iPhone 6? It seems pretty tempting, right? Apple’s technology changes so quickly that it’s easy to get outpaced within just a few generations. Suddenly all of your friends are shooting high-res, time-lapse videos and chatting up Siri when they want to figure out what movies are playing tonight. There are apps that your outmoded phone simply can’t handle and it can no longer store the amount of photos and music files you want it to. If you’re feeling some smartphone angst, updating your iPhone can be an easy solution. But which model should you invest in?

The new iPhone 6 is Apple’s first attempt at creating a “phablet” (that’s a phone and tablet hybrid) to rival its competitors. What makes the Android flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy and Nexus 6 work is their large screen-to-phone ratio. Their user interface can be all that much more visually inclined with a high screen resolution for graphics and emails. We spend more and more time with our phones than ever before. A larger screen means that your interactions can feel more real – you can engage with the product in a deeper, more immersive way. Apple has caught on to the fact that many consumers want a larger screen and created a new product with a 4.7 inch display. They’ve also shaved off an inch of weight, making it lighter and thinner than ever before.


But no one buys a phone just for the screen itself. They’ve also upgraded the operating system to iOS 8, added a faster processor and have created new camera technology that is truly stunning. If you like to snap a lot of photos or take videos on youriPhone, Apple’s new camera allows for gorgeous photography in low light thanks to its new focusing technology. It also creates smooth, high-res slow motion video. There’s why the feature film Tangerine, which was shot on an iPhone 5S with an anamorphic adapter, premiered at Sundance this year. The film was praised for its “aesthetic purity that stands out in a field where so much indie filmmaking has gotten glossier and less technically adventurous” by the Hollywood Reporter. And it’s only getting better and better.

Of course even if you’re not going to use your iPhone to shoot an independent film, you’ll still want to protect it for the years to come. Any new phone deserves a proper case to go along with it. But you don’t have to settle for that bulky black protective brick at the Apple Store, you can go online and see a whole new variety of innovative casings. The coolest products on the market are called smartphone skins. These lightweight decals are made from 3M vinyl and are designed to fit your iPhone like a second skin. Phones are prone to accumulating scratches, build-up from dust and grime and can glitch out when the temperature drops. A high quality skin made from a reputable online retailer won’t let that happen.

The coolest smartphone skins on the market are made by the company dbrand, which crafts its products in a variety of unique customizable colors. Whether you’re drawn to their faux wood paneling, red carbon fiber or silver titanium looks, these products are easy to use and will last for years to come. You can shop online for smartphone skins for the iPhone 6.  Eventually you’re going to realize that a powerful phone can let you do so much more. Stay ahead of the curve by investing in a new iPhone 6 and the proper protection to go along with it.








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