Secured Phone Conversations with Kryptos


Secured Phone Conversations with Kryptos

Some people, especially in the business world, usually deal with most of their works and transactions through the phone. So it is highly needed for their calls to remain confidential since their conversations usually deal with money and account matters. Kryptos is a voice chat application for Android which enables users to communicate with each other while maintaining their conversations private and secure. This would be a very handy tool to use especially in the corporate setting.

Upon downloading the application, following the steps for installation, and starting the application, the user is then prompted to create or register a new account. After entering a name and chosen password, the application is now fully functional. The application displays 5 action buttons, the Contacts, History, My Profile, Invite, and Status buttons. The Contacts button located on the lower left part of the screen is where the user can add contacts and view their information, provided that the people the user wants to add also have a Kryptos account. By just clicking on the plus symbol on the top-right-hand area, the user can now invite other people immediately and start conversation with them. The History option provides the users a complete list of all the missed, outgoing, and incoming calls. The My Profile tab is where the users organize and manage their account. This is where the logout button is located, and it also provides a Report Problem button to allow the user to send queries or troubles to the technical support team. The Invite button enables the user to send invites to other people by way of email.

The application works on both WiFi and 3G Mobile network. It is very easy to use. One very useful feature of this application is that it can work in the background. Thus, enabling the user to view other applications or continue their other phone activities while the application is still running. The application’s interface is also chic and simple. Its performance is quite flawless, the user can browse pretty smoothly, and the application does not lag at all. But this is not really that suitable for users who use their mobiles as a frequent internet browsing tool since the application tends to cause a poor connection to the web. The quality of the calls of course varies depending on the network used. What’s also good with the application is that it has a free trial period of thirty days which is more than enough to completely muster the user’s way through the whole thing and then decide if it lives up to the expectation. After the thirty-day trial period, the users can continuously use the application with a recurring fee of $4.99 per month. The only concern with regards to using this Kryptos application is that it definitely has a small user-base. Only a few were still able to download and use the application. So as long as the software is not yet downloaded and installed to the receiving party’s mobile, then the application user still cannot be able to establish a call.

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