Is The HTC Desire S Worth Your Money?


The HTC Desire S is an upgrade of the Desire, which is currently the number-one most sold Android smartphone. The Desire S is built with a strong aluminum body, a 3.7 inch hi-res touchscreen, works with the latest Gingerbread operating system, a 5 megapixel camera capable of full HD video recording, and even a front camera for making video calls. The phone is also built with a GPS, media player and FM radio. It also has 1.1GB internal memory, a fast processor, and reliable connectivity.

The HTC Desire S is the upgraded version of the HTC Desire, which has received tons of five star reviews since it was launched. The exterior of the Desire S has undergone a makeover, making it look sleeker and more modern. Aside from cutting a few millimeters off the phone’s length, the company also made it lighter and slimmer too. Instead of the old front buttons, the Desire S now has sleek touch-sensitive buttons.

The company didn’t fail to retain the 3.7 inch screen display of the phone, regardless of cutting down its size. Despite other phones offering larger screen displays, the HTC Desire S has enough size for running different games and apps. It runs on the latest Gingerbread 2.3 Android version, and has a responsive and user friendly interface. The phone also integrates phone and social networking contacts and since widgets are now available, apps are easier to access.

Aside from the internal 1.1GB memory, the Desire S also has 768MB RAM, and if that’s not enough, the memory is expandable up to 32GB with a microSD.

If you are looking for a top Android phone, then you may want to consider the HTC Desire S, since it offers almost everything that rival phones have. Aside from being smaller compared to other units, it is also more affordable, compared to most smartphones.

If however you no longer want your HTC Desire then don’t just throw it out in the trash, visit recycling comparison sites such as sell your cell phone for cash, whilst doing your bit for the environment. The cash for mobiles that are sold can even go towards buying a new phone.

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