The Best Way to Secure Critical Data on Desktops and Laptops


The Best Way to Secure Critical Data on Desktops and LaptopsNow a day data is the most important and valuable asset of any business no matter the business is large or small. This asset is very easy to steal and damaged. Therefore, in the age of competition make the critical data secure as much as possible. Security of data is the matter of existence of the business. If data is lost there may be lots of difficulties faced by the business in worst condition the business may demolish entirely. Taking in view the above discussion the security of data is must now a day. Following are some best ways to protect critical data reside on computers whether desk or laptop:

Data protection guidelines

Data stored on laptop or desk top requires different measures to be protected. Unauthorized access, Backup of Data, File encryption and secure file transfer are few measures to be applied to secure the critical data on the computer systems:

Unauthorized Access

First of all to secure the critical data you must set some password on the access of the critical data and only the authorized persons should get access the data. For this purpose provide the different username and passwords to the different rank of personals of your business.

Backup of Data

The simplest and easiest way of data security is taking back-up of data on some other place which is not connected to the main system every time. Just make backup of your critical data on some suitable and reliable medium and place it on offline. This is the best policy to make the data secure from theft or getting damage.

File Encryption

File encryption is the process by which owner of the data can set a password to prevent any unauthorized access to such files or folder. In this way file, folders or even the whole drives can be encrypted by using some sort of software. Few of them are given here under:

  • Encryption Shield
  • Drive Encryption
  • Privacy Eraser
  • Cyber Scrub

There is a lot of other option for different type of encryption in the market however it mostly depends upon the importance of your data and the adoption of security policy you applied on the data security.

Secure File Transfer

It is the age of internet and networks. There is no other way to adopt these facilities for the promotion of your business. Therefore, transfer of data is must. During the transmission every bit of your data are in mobile phase. During this phase it need the best security measures to prevent it from being lost or get damaged.

Use NTFS format

The older version of file format on the disk for storage of data is FAT or FAT32. Now a day, it is no more reliable and secure to protect data stored on the hard disk. Therefore, use the NTFS system to manage the hard disk for the storage of data especially with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. This format with the combination of MS-Windows XP provides the best facilities to make the data secure.

Laptop Security

Laptop needs not only the above mentioned measures to secure the data but also requires the prevention from steeling. Laptops are mostly very light and can be steel or damaged easily. Therefore, to preserve the data laptop must be put under security.

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