Android’s lead over iOS and RIM


A recent study, conducted by Canalys on the global smart phone marketplace, presented their research data this week, revealing the lead of Google’s Android in Smart phone market. Android is running over half of the world’s SmartPhones. Study revealed that about 48 percent of SmartPhones are running at Android, which is good news for Google. Though, Apple is considered as world’s top vendor of Smartphones, its iOS is placed on second with 19 percent of SmartPhone market share.

Android’s lead over iOS and RIM

The reason of such a huge gap between two is Apple’s offerings for single iPhone platform, while most of the smartphone products like Samsung, Motorolla and HTC are Android enabled devices, holding a robust support for Android.

When the research was parted between regions, it gave very interesting details; out of 56 countries in which research has been conducted, around 35 have a dominant Android based platform. Research shows that Asia Pacific market is truly captured by Android enabled devices by holding majority share. And South Korea is at the top where Android is holding about 85 percent of the market share. Taiwan comes next in this series by holding around three-fourth of Android enabled devices.

Canalys has placed Blackberry’ RIM operating system at third position, a leading OS of Latin America’s Smartphones. However, Microsoft’s windows Operating System is just holding one percent of the Global market’s share.

Research reveals that the disparity gap between Google and Apple in US is very narrow, with Android holding 39 percent of market share and Apple’s iOS ranked at second with holdings of 28 percent market share in American Smartphone Market.

With all the figures and data about Operating systems of Smartphone, research has driven that world’s Smartphone market is growing with the pace of time and smartphone market has shown an increase of 73 percent over the last year.

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