7 of the Greenest iPhone Apps


The world is moving towards greener views and practices, and any trends the world is involved in you can bet Apple isn’t far behind. With the new iPad and ever-popular iPhone and iPod touch, the app world is growing everyday and not slowing down. It’s only natural that green apps are popping up everywhere for your convenience. Here are some of the top picks ranging from ways to calculate your carbon footprint to an app that offers consistent green tips and consumer advice.

1. GoodGuide:

GoodGuide is a free app that acts like a green conscious when you’re running around being a normal consumer. It features a database of 50,000 products and can scan items to tell you whether or not it fits in line with the green way of thinking. Use it in the Supermarket or when you’re going through this week’s Walmart coupons for groceries to find the greenest options.

2. Commute Greener

Commute Greener is a nifty app that lets you track your own carbon footprint and compare it to other users. It uses information you input and calculates the greenhouse gas emissions you leave behind. The app also sets reduction goals so you can keep green goals.

3. Seasons:

Seasons is a simple and practical app that lets you know the fruits and veggies that are in season, helping to promote natural purchases throughout the year. It also has a great map of local farmers’ markets its finds using the built-in GPS.

4. Pollution:

Want to know the quality of the air you’re breathing at this very second? Well this no-charge app runs off live air pollution data for over 1300 cities worldwide. It allows you to switch through different forms o of pollution and lay it out on a Google map if you enable GPS. The Pollution app is on the iTunes store.

5. GreenMeter:

Green Meter is an innovative app that uses the phones internal accelerometer (yes, you have one of those) to gauge how efficiently you drive. The goal is to get you to drive more mile conscious, staying off of the throttle and light on the brakes.

6. The Green Book:

The Green Book isn’t one of the most tech-packed apps as it is basically an iPhone app version of the actual book. However, it does offer some useful green lifestyle tips and interesting statistics.

7. Skeptical Science:

Skeptical Science is a free app based on an Australian blog that gives climate skeptics a really detailed once over. It offers common skeptic arguments and well researched counterarguments complete with graphs and back-up documents for some green food for thought. It also features a feedback option, keeping the arguments featured “in the now”.

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