5 Big Things Your Niche Must Have If You Ever Want To Be Successful


Sometimes there is no chance you will ever succeed online and it happened before you even set up your blog. The biggest mistake you made was choosing the wrong niche. Do you know how many people are out there working hard every day that are never going to be successful? It’s very sad and I only hope it doesn’t happen to you. If you do realize you’ve chosen the wrong niche I hope you have the mental strength to let go of your old one.

I do understand that it could be very difficult. Especially with all the people telling you it takes grit and you need to see your blog through to the very end. People say that because it sounds good and it gives people hope, but they don’t take into account that people could be stuck in a niche that’s going nowhere. I want to talk about five big things your niche should have if you want to make lots of money, so please read carefully and decide what to do next.
Plenty of searches
Reaching the top of Google for your chosen keywords means you automatically see a huge spike in your earnings because you have people coming to your site without you doing anything. It also means you can take a holiday because you don’t need to fight for each visitor since they’re coming straight from Google. If your niche doesn’t have enough people searching for specific keywords then you’ll never have this and you’ll always be fighting for everything.

Lots of forums
Forums are a great help to bloggers because you can sneak in and see what problems people are dealing with. That makes it easier to find the solutions that will help them. You can also build up your reputation on the forum and send people back to your site. When there are no forums you should start to worry because nobody loves the niche enough to start one. It means nobody is looking for solutions and that doesn’t bode well for trying to sell them something.

Writing multiple books
You won’t become rich writing one book and that has to be taken into account when choosing a niche. When you write your first book it’s only to give people a good idea of who you are and the kind of results you can give them. Those people who love what you produce then buy all of your books. If that turns out to be ten books you have automatically increased your income by 1000% compared to only writing one book and hoping to be rich. It’s not something you want to deal with, so choose a niche with at least five potential book titles.

Desperate buyers
Do you know what the difference is between a desperate buyer and someone who doesn’t really care? We’re going to look at this a bit different from what most people will tell you, not because they are wrong, but because they are a little strict. An anxiety sufferer is desperate and we all know that. They want to be cured straight away and will buy a book you offer them. A golfer is also desperate because they want to improve their swing. A little desperate, even though it’s not life or death. Someone wanting to learn card tricks is not.

Never ending ideas
If you end up in a niche where you’re going to run out of ideas then it’s a niche you don’t want to be in. That means there must be stuff you can talk about forever. Can you imagine writing about a topic for 2 years then suddenly running out of things to say? You could be making 5-figures per month and it will start to get a lot more stressful if you begin repeating the same things over and over. Make sure your niche is large enough to keep writing about for a very long time.

Mr. David Marshall working with, one of the biggest insurance providers likes to share online marketing tips on public platforms in his free time.

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