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Follow that car
Surveillance can sometimes be compromised by having to stay to close to a target but by using a GPS Tracking device the agents can hold back and be more covert.  Surveillance is booked to follow the target; however the target could go anywhere. The client has requested a GPS tracking device to be fitted to the car, just in case the targets erratic driving gets him away from the detectives. The tracker is doing its job and the target car can be followed from a greater distance than without it which gives the agents more cover from detection.
Check addresses with client
Target has driven to an address, stopped and gone into a house using his own key. We called the client to find out if she has any information about this address. Client has no idea who lives there as she has never come across that address before. Client would like to know who lives there. Agents can do a check on the property using a laptop and the Internet within their car.

Video footage of car occupants
The occupant of the address is a woman in her early thirties and the client still has no idea who she is. While the address is being checked out we wait for the target to leave the address so we can film him. He stays at the address for 10 minutes then leaves with a woman who could be the occupant. He drives very fast with his arm around the passenger all the time. They pull up at the gym and both get out. We are able to take a quick photo of the female on one of our mobile phones and send it to our office. Once it is at the office our agent there can look more closely into the woman to find out who she is.

Plenty of proof on video
The target leaves the female at reception and heads off into the changing rooms. The female is given an induction and then meets the target in the restaurant and they have some lunch. All the time they are eating the target is touching the woman intimately. Pulling her close to him and kissing her passionately. The woman seems completely besotted with the target and can’t keep her eyes off him. While all this is going on we have more information on the female. She is a new employee of the Targets and our client had suspected her husband of infidelity at his workplace. Our client was pleased with the footage we gathered at the gym but wants to set up another session of surveillance at the workplace to catch him red handed at work. GPS tracker to be kept on vehicle for another week to gain more evidence.

GPS report

The GPS report shows that the targets vehicle went to the female targets home location nearly every day after work. Our client confronted her husband and he admitted the whole affair and she is now seeking a divorce on the grounds of adultery.

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