HTC Pure


HTC Pure

There is one mobile phone manufacturer which has been true to its commitment to bring more quality products at very reasonable prices to the market. This manufacturer is HTC.  With the emergence of the HTC Pure, HTC has proven to the smart phone industry that it is indeed serious in its bid to be one of the leading manufacturers of smart phones. As a sign of its commitment, HTC is not just producing run-of-the-mill smart phones but mobile phones which have the potential to revolutionize the manner that people communicate with each other and how they obtain information from all medium.

The HTC Pure is one of those smart phones under the HTC brand which is equipped with a quad band technology. As such, it is able to connect with GSM, EDGE and 3G HSDPA technology. To complement such interconnectivity, its display screen, which has a resistive sensing mechanism can operate either through the touch of a finger or through the use of a stylus. Like the other smart phones which run using the Windows platform, its hardware specifications include a processor which uses Qualcomm 528MHz with a memory capacity of 288 megabytes and 512 megabytes of flash storage. For that flexibility in storage space, a port for SDHC microSD card can be found just beneath the battery door.

There are many features to rave about the HTC Pure. It is packed with Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system which enables its user-friendly setting. Moreover, it has made possible the convenient and easy internet surfing including certain up-to-the-minute services. The HTC Pure also provides a wide range of wireless connectivity and a built in five megapixel camera for photo and video needs.

Some of the common criticisms against the HTC Pure are: it does not have a port for the traditional 3.5 mm ear phone. Further, its display screen does not have a capacitive sensing mechanism. Instead, it uses the resistive sensing technique. There are also some applications like the Windows Marketplace which takes too slow to in displaying. Finally, the designated browser, the mobile version of the Internet Explorer lags behind the rest of the browsers in terms of speed and functionality.

Finally, based on the foregoing considerations, including an analysis of the pros and cons of the HTC Pure, one will be able to arrive at a reasonable conclusion that this smart phone variant is quite stable and packed with top-of-the-line features. It is able to perform a decent task of managing not only multimedia tasks but also those which are business related. Further, call reception is also noticeable as the sound each time a call is made and received can be heard clearly. It is also equipped with a relatively reliable camera which is able to provide decent quality photos. Finally, the HTC Pure is surprisingly lightweight for a smart phone of its kind packed with amazing features. These features are definitely sufficient to convince a reasonable mind to buy the phone instead of other smart phones.

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