HTC Touch Pro 2


HTC Touch Pro 2

As expected, HTC, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart phones has once again made good of its reputation. With the advent of the latest addition to its stable of smart phones, HTC has made a definitive statement that is a force to be reckoned with and a formidable player in the smart phone industry alongside the more established developers. This is further bolstered with the introduction of the new HTC Touch Pro 2 which, as expected, has strengthened the hold of HTC in the growing smart phone market. This latest innovation from HTC has cemented its place in the mobile industry.

There are countless reasons why the HTC Touch Pro 2 has gained significant interest and consequently, commercial success.

The HTC Touch Pro 2 is basically one of the larger and heavier phones which belong to the Windows family. With a weight of 6.61” its presence inside the pocket will definitely be noticeable. Considering that it is equipped with a keyboard which slides in and out, it is bulkier than the other smart phones in the market today. The HTC Touch Pro 2 is one of the more elegant looking and beautifully designed smart phones. Consequently, the HTC phone is in a best position to give the other existing smart phone brands some tough competition in terms of aesthetic beauty.

Further, in terms of internet connectivity and call quality, the HTC Touch Pro 2 is a quad band unit which can potentially connect with all GSM providers. It has both EDGE and 3G HSDPA connectivity. Hence, viewing web pages, sending emails have become relatively easier and faster with the improved connectivity of the HTC phone. The quality of the call can be likened to that of a landline and the ear piece loudness is acceptable.

The HTC Touch Pro 2, like the other smart phones using the Windows platform, is equipped with a media player which allows the unit to play both audio and video files. Just like the other TouchFLO 3D models released by HTC, the phone has a button in its home screen that allows exceptional graphics for the media player to list the music that is being played and other related information. Consequently, with the current media player set up of the HTC phone, the traditional features of the WMA will be avoided.

In closing, the HTC Touch Pro 2 has been touted as one of the finest Windows based smart phones nowadays. With the innovations that HTC introduced, certainly, it made the Windows Mobile the much needed improvement to keep it relevant in the face of strong competition. Despite its head to head competition with the more established names in the mobile phone industry like the iPhone, Palm Pre and other similar phones, the HTC Touch Pro 2 has made such gallant stand by constantly keeping its pace with the competitors. Given all these fine attributes, without a doubt, the HTC phone is a piece of gadget worth spending your money for.

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